The unhappy news about agents – but is it true?

Estate agents are the 154th happiest group of workers in the UK, according to a new ranking, making them one of the more miserable sets of people in the country.

The Cabinet Office has been looking at the relationship between jobs and levels of life satisfaction, and the link with salaries.

It emerges that there is a connection between earnings and happiness – but with exceptions.

There are some misery guts – such as chartered surveyors – earning high salaries, and people earning pittances – farm workers, dental nurses and school secretaries, for example – who are as happy as Larry.

Estate agents have a ‘mean income’ of £24,783, scoring a satisfaction rating of 7.291, according to the survey.

The slightly more uplifting news is that property, housing and estate managers are far more cheerful, coming in at number 63 in the happiness stakes.

However, to feel truly blessed, agents should really consider retraining as vicars, who are in heaven where job satisfaction is concerned: the average Rev earns just £20,568 but has a happiness rating of 8.291.

The least happy workers, out of a total of 274 categories, are publicans – just in case you’re thinking of taking to drink. Despite earning slightly more than agents (£25,222), their happiness rating is a glass half-empty 6.38.

But is any of it true? Are you happy in your work? Do let us know!


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One Comment

  1. Hound

    Well I’ve got no chance, I’m married to an occupational therapist, who only come one above in the list at 153! You can only imagine breakfast time in our household!

    On the bright side, my late father was a vicar, so at least I grew up in a happy household, and I’m also a semi-professional musician, who come in at 22.

    The truth is I love the job!


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