The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property – Episode 7

For your enjoyment today Simon Bradbury talks with Jonny Palmer about three more individuals he considers to be among the most influential people in our industry.

18. Bob Scarff

17. Nat Daniels

16. Ed Mead


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  1. James White

    In an industry mostly staffed by women how many of the top 35 in these promotional articles are women?

    Gender inequality in Estate Agency is a huge systemic problem that is not being talked about.

  2. Maverick Global

    Another name on my Top 10 (Sanjay Ghandi, Mark Burgess and now Bob Scarff). Looking forward to the next installment of the Top 35 people on Mr. Bradbury’s list. Simon Hawkesley – Mallory Irvine.

  3. majortom1

    Do you add the late John Wilkinson to this list-one of the original founders of Connells

  4. pieinthesky

    Once I nearly stepped on Bob Scarfe on my way into a meeting. Not a big man…


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