The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property – Episode 3

Today, Simon Bradbury highlights three figures from three different strands of the industry:

30. Stephen Brown

29. Paul Long

28. Mark Burgess

Don’t forget what Simon said at the start of this series:

“It’s been great fun to come up with this list and I would like to emphasise that it is totally subjective. I am certain that if you asked 100 other people – there would be 100 different lists!”



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  1. Interested in Property

    The comments ” …. I don’t know Paul/Mark particularly well….” makes me wonder how then they can be classed/chosen as one of the influential people in property. Surely you need to know these people, or at least met and carried out some kind of business with them?

    Also, as of the first 7 named i know none of them and i have been 30+ years in the business.

    Would be interesting to know if the rest of the readership on here recognise the names so far and also who you think is the  most influential? Maybe PIE can do a poll of the names so far 🙂


    1. RealAgent

      I’ve been in the business 30+ years and know all of them so far at least!

      I’m enjoying it although I do wonder if Simon’s motivation is that when conferences resume he never has to buy a drink in the bar ever again.

      1. Interested in Property

        would i be right in saying there has been a southern bias so far? I ask because i do not know the people and maybe this is why RealAgent 🙂

        1. RealAgent

          Well I failed Geography at school but Manning Stainton are Leeds based which I think is North… to be fair I don’t get much past Watford myself though

        2. James Christchurch

          And wasn’t there an agent from the Cornwall & Devon yesterday?

  2. AlwaysAnAgent

    Is it 1st April? I’m sure they are all very nice people, but is this news?

    1. Interested in Property

      I do agree AlwaysAnAgent.
      The ”news” being reported seems to be based on quantity and not quality lately

    2. Robert_May

      If you look at the read count and that’s what is important to an advertising platform, the series is attracting traffic.

      It would be obvious to have a list of the top 35 names everyone has heard of but what this is doing is Simon recognising people who do stuff that is largely unseen by most people, that has an influence. Hearing what Simon is saying about individuals ought to be an indication how people not on his list could influence the shape and direction of the industry.

      Very often it isn’t the boss, MD or CEO who is the power-house behind a company but someone unknown who because of their modesty or personal nature doesn’t need or want to be the one  on stage or in the press release.


  3. majortom1

    Time to pull the plug on this silliness

    1. James Christchurch

      What are you calling silly MajorTom?


    2. chiponshoulder

      You don’t want the plug pulled yet Tim … I’ve got money on you being top of the list!

  4. Maverick Global

    Bravo Simon. When I saw episode 1 …. I decided to create my Top 10 of people who have influenced my career. So far 2 on your list made my Top 10.  Now I hope that my Top 10 may get a ‘clean sweep’ within your Top 30. Sanjay Ghandi, Mark Burgess ( 2 mates ticked off my list) roll on tomorrow !!!!! Simon Hawkesley (Mallory Irvine – F&C) xxxx

  5. letstalk

    20 years in and I know several and I wouldn’t disagree with his choices to date and, actually, I don’t think that everyone is upset that these people are being highlighted. What happened to scrolling on by if you aren’t interested people? Just because some of you may feel that this series of articles is of little help to you does not mean that it will not be to some, even those of us with a wealth of experience who are embracing new technologies can benefit from a top tip or two from some of these guys!

  6. Woodentop

    I think the heading is “The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property”.  
    Struggling with that list to-date as ‘most influential’, they may have been successful in their own companies/organisations but have they really influenced how the sector operates?
    What have they actually changed that other successful agents weren’t already doing or agents now have to do?   Should be renamed “Simon Bradbury’s choice of 35 People in Property”.

  7. Woodentop

    Someone asked me the other day who my top ten most influential people are. Those that made a difference to the property industry and for everyone, not a single entity they represent or shout the loudest in the media……. and not really doing anything different to many agents all over the UK. 
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    Chester F Carlson
    Steven Sasson
    Steve Jobs
    Halifax,Countrywide PLC, Royal & Sun Alliance, Connells
    Mark Zuckerberg & Co.
    The Property Ombudsman
    Ross Renshaw
    Little Johnnie and Sally on the high street who opened an agency, took all the risk and succeeded. The backbone of the industry.

  8. Whaley

    Due to me doing something called work for the first time in my life this week I’ve missed all this, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!!!!

    Contentious, narcissim, misjudgement , its like a property Game of Thrones. Or as i’ve christened it the Game of Homes.

    And the reason will become clear as we’ve got a lovely launch on Kerfuffle coming soon which absolutely fits hand in glove with this.

    Mr Bradbury does it again!!!

  9. Hillofwad71

    What seems to be forgotten is  the huge commercial property sector where  many of those names raised so far have had very little influence

    1. Whaley

      To be fair though Hillofwad71 as Simon says this is purely from his perspective so not unsurprising they’re not going to be in this list , as a ressie agent


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