The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property – Episode 2

Epsisode 2 of our exclusive series: The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property

Today it is the turn of

33. Mark Manning,

32. Malcolm Prescott,

31. Mike Day

to come under the Simon Bradbury spotlight.


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  1. Mrlondon52

    I like the idea but it shows how parochial people in agency can be.

    If you want the top 35 most important people in property then it would be stacked with funds, PE, lenders and key policy makers, eg. Blackstone, KKR then M&G, Calpers or Norweigan Soverign fund, Brooks, Oxford Properties, etc, etc.

    Think about it: surely the team who set the rates at Lloyds / Nationwide are far more powerful than anyone in agency?

    I know I’m being petty but it is disappointing that we think our little world is so influential.

    1. bestandfinal51

      Could not agree more. Influential people, who sit within an industry with THE worst reputation.

      Self proclaimed ‘titans’ who crawl into each others clique in order to keep the smaller guy small.

    2. Robert_May

      I have sat in board rooms with the some “very, very, important  and influential people” so I have an understanding who talks and who walks. I also know how little some people who control huge sums of of other people’s money know about  our industry.


      Despite the claim  he works from 6:30 every morning I know Simon  has most mornings done at least an hour in  his PJ’s before that. The only exceptions are when he has been networking till the early hours the night before.


      The reason Simon is well placed to judge this is because he lives and breathes this industry and is mixing it and influencing with the PE & VC’s you rightly point out who hold the purse strings.


      One thing ‘Disruption’ has taught us all is the ability of ‘group-think’ to infect those people [the fear of missing out that Mr. Bruce pointed out in 2014}  I think it is going to be interesting to see how the rest of this list shapes up as Simon hasn’t gone for the obvious BIG money people but has already high-lighted people with a quiet influence and sway within the industry.


      I doubt very much Simon  will be the top of his own list but as an influencer and more importantly a connector within the industry, he should.



  2. smile please

    Think this should be retitled ‘Simons Man Crush’

    I like Simon, very positive (sometimes sickly) but these people are hardly influencers in our industry in any real form.

    1. James Christchurch

      Smile Please – so who would be in your top 10 people in the Estate Agency / Property people? Would love to know your thoughts

      1. smile please

        Its a good question,

        I will keep it to estate agency as i think Property / Estate Agency are two different beasts – For example as much as she is not my cup of tea i would say sadly Polly Neate from Shelter would be a top influencer in ‘Property’ due to her pressure group and the influence it has.


        My 10 influencers for ‘Estate Agency’ in no particular order


        1, David Plumtree – Well run firm which can dictate market trends to a level, tried and tested in the role.

        2, The Bruce Brothers -Like them of hate them they have changed agency (in my opinion for the worst) over the last few years

        3, Sally Lawson- – She LOVES the sound of her own voice but has a following and can help shape change (for good or better)

        4, Ros / Property Industry Eye – All the stories and comments does influence people.

        5, Mark Ridley – Savills a big name many agents look to emulate lower down the ladder

        6, Nicholas Budden – Foxtons many hate them but we wish we all had their market share and fees

        7, John Paul – Not the best agent but runs a business tight, surrounds himself with right people, agents seek help from him.

        8, David Thomas – Barrett Homes, Largest UK new homes builder help set the standard and prices.

        9, Ben Taylor – Might seem an odd choice but he has given KW credibility and as such the self employed model

        10, Peter Brooks Johnson – Rightmove control how we can advertise to the public (massive abuse of power) so definitely influences our industry.


        These of course are only my opinion but i think these people do actually have influence (for good or bad) in our industry.

        And this is of today’s date.2 years ago Platt would be in it and 20 years ago Harry Hill (lets face it we all still use bits of his ‘Blueprint’ one way or another even if we don’t know it).

        1. jonnypalmer_onthemove

          smile please – good top 10 list! Some names from yours may be popping up in this series too…

  3. Woodentop

    I wonder how many agents are thinking … what have they actually done for me or more to the point, for their own interests/organisations?

    1. James Christchurch

      Woodentop – can I ask the same question I asked SmilePlease – which people in the industry have helped you? Whom would you put in the list?

      1. ARC

        Let me ask you a question James, what these people supposed to have influenced exactly because I have been around for 15 years in agency and haven’t heard of any of them so far?

        1. James Christchurch

          ARC – The only one I had heard of was Michael Day and on Twitter, and he seems to talk a lot of sense. The others are Estate Agents and I have never heard of them myself… but one is deepest Yorkshire and the other in the Southwest – so I suppose I would not have heard of them as I am based in South West London.

          Yet as Mr Bradbury says, its through his connections (and he is well connected) – he has come up with this list.

          Let’s not forget we are only into the second video of many .. so surely to comment on whether someone should be on the list or not so early on is not that fair so early into the series.

          Please ask me again once the whole list is out – and then we discuss who shouldn’t be on the list and who should be.

          I would be interested in who you would put in your top 10?

          1. ARC

            I won’t be able to watch them as I find Mr Bradbury somewhat sickly so i probably am at a disadvantage in terms of what is discussed in terms of ‘influence’. For me though the idea of influence is doing something to make change and I think that is quite hard to do in an industry like ours where fundamentally nothing has really changed in decades (in my opinion). This therefore seems an exercise in self-promotion for Mr Bradbury and some of his pals, in a similar fashion to Chris Watkins.

        2. Woodentop

          “Most Influential People”. My sales team and that of every other good dedicated agent. They are the ones that actually make a difference. The list so far has not made a single difference to most agents around the UK. Many are who? which sums up what influence they have except for their own organisations that mimic so many other agents.

  4. Woodentop

    Someone asked me the other day who my top ten most influential people are. Those that made a difference to the property industry and for everyone, not a single entity they represent or shout the loudest in the media…….

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    Chester F Carlson
    Steven Sasson
    Steve Jobs
    Halifax,Countrywide PLC, Royal & Sun Alliance, Connells
    Mark Zuckerberg & Co.
    The Property Ombudsman
    Ross Renshaw
    Little Johnnie and Sally on the high street who opened an agency and succeeded.


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