The Top 35 Most Influential People in Property – Episode 11

This week we enter the final straight in the series of video discussions between Simon Bradbury and Jonny Palmer about who are the most influential people in our industry.

This is Simon’s personal thoughts, his own choices, and he has said all along that others would come up with very different lists. Part of the fun of the series is thinking about whether you agree with Simon’s choices or not.

Tomorrow we reveal the top 3 names on the list. Today Simon and Jonny discuss:

6. Russell Quirk

5. Katrine Sporle

4. Miles Shipside


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  1. AndSotheStoryBegan

    Seriously?  Russell Quirk?  Opinionated, but hardly influential.

  2. Dick Value

    Fancy spoiling this list with No. 6.

  3. Mobstar

    No 6 on the list of likes listening to his own voice


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