The things that student tenants leave behind – pet snake, anyone?

Giant glow-in-the-dark swear words, a sex toy and a pet python were among items that students left in their accommodation when they moved out over the summer, according to the Deposit Protection Service.

Part of the DPS’ role is processing landlords’ requests for deductions from their tenants’ deposits, and among the claims it received this year was one to cover costs of removing a snake found in a student’s bedroom.

Elsewhere, another landlord found an air rifle in a student’s room, while another found a living room in good condition in the daytime – only to discover four-foot high swear words daubed on the walls once night fell (there could be a message here for when to do check-out inspections).

Another landlord had to let the owner of a sex toy left behind know of its disposal when they phoned and asked for it back.

The DPS has not said what happened to the snake.

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  1. Northern Agent

    Following a check out inspection at an abandoned property this year I became the proud owner of an Axolotl!

    I bet agents on here can top the article?

  2. PeeBee

    Not a “check-out” as such – but I was once responsible for the safekeeping of a rather large pornography collection that had been left in a repossession property.

    It wasn’t claimed by the defaulting borrower – so my FA said he would “dispose of it”.

    We didn’t see him for a fortnight – and he came back to work with a right bicep that would put Popeye to shame…

  3. annashetty

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  4. DASH94

    I evicted a tenant that had owned about 10 snakes that had lived in tanks in the lounge. When the tenant left, they hadn’t locked the doors or emptied the house and when I got there to secure the premises all the tank doors were opened.     I pretty much broke  most land-speed records getting from front to back doors and locking them.


  5. McGonagal46

    Not a tenanted house but we sold a house about 30 years ago for a lovely guy who quite enjoyed a drink (and yes selling one house every 30 years is not a lot I know). He sold his slightly (well, very) tired ex-council house to a pair of first time buyers and, very kindly, offered to leave them quite a lot of furniture and white goods etc

    They came back into the office a while after moving in and said that, when they moved the fridge out to clean, they found a dead parrot behind it.

    Hard thing to lose even in a two bedroom house I always thought.


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