The Relocation Agent Network Awards: And the winners are…

The Relocation Agent Network (RAN) has unveiled the winners of this year’s RAN Awards, which organisers say ‘serves as a celebration of excellence within the real estate industry’.

With a 29-year history, RAN recognises and honours exceptional agents from across the country who consistently deliver top-quality service. The winners of the RAN Awards 2023 are:


Best Marketing Campaign:

Thomas Morris


Best Newcomer Award:

Allday & Miller


Supplier of the Year:



Negotiator of the Year:

Simon Etson – Drivers & Norris


The Customer Service Awards:

League A: Pygott & Crone

League B: Webbers

League C: Thomas Morris

League D: Wilkins Vardy

League E: Homes

League F: Michael Anthony

League G: Duncan Yeardley

League H: Quealy & Co

League I: Drivers & Norris


Employee of the Year:

Miles & Barr


Community Champion Award:

Thomas Morris


Outstanding Achievement:

Graham Wilson


Fundraiser of the Year:

Drivers & Norris


Best Agent Awards


East Midlands – Pygott & Crone

East Anglia & Essex – Thomas Morris

Greater London – Drivers & Norris

South East – Miles & Barr

South West – Webbers

Scotland – Maloco

Thames Valley – Duncan Yeardley

Central – Richard James

South Coast – Homes

South Wales – Dawsons

North East – Michael Poole


Pygott & Crone claimed the prestigious ‘Agent of the Year’ accolade.

Simon Whale commented: “Pygott & Crone exemplify the essence of a great referral agent. From top to bottom, their team actively seeks out every opportunity for themselves and the network to secure referrals. They previously won the trophy in 2017, and knowing their competitive spirit, they won’t let it go easily!”

Richard Durrant, MD of RAN, added: “Congratulations to all the winners, its great to see such fantastic agents being recognised for the work they do week in week out.”



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  1. Simon Bradbury

    Well done to all the award winners – particularly Pygott & Crone for winning the “Big One”!

    1. jan-byers


      All these awards ceremonies are a total waste of time

      meaningless to the public and a money maker for the organisers

      In this market why anyone pays £££ for a table to hear a load of partonising rubbish is amazing

      1. Whaley

        You could say the same about any conference with awards though Jan, couldn’t you, it won’t surprise you and I may be biased but there’s got to be a little room for letting your hair down and celebrating excellence.

        This conference was cancelled before we took over because of the rail strikes so it certainly wasn’t a money maker but we did need to recognise those companies in the network that had worked so hard, all year round.

        I get that awards aren’t for everyone, but equally I’ve seen some of the best agents around the world use them as just another tool in the marketing kitbag and then its what you make of them. Whether that the fantastic Angi C from C Residential or Michelle Gallagher from JDM, both having won amazing awards at the ESTA’s and EA Masters, they’re amazing advocates for strong independent agents. Equally its great for the teams at these businesses.

        Mind you one thing I wholeheartedly agree with, is I do love the idea of me spouting more partonising rubbish. Dolly Parton outfit on standby!

        1. jan-byers

          I agree with you all these awards events are mutual backslapping nonsense designed to make the organizers a good profit.

          My company has won awards for development but the reality is the general public do not give a poo.

          They are not invested in  the industry they do not even know who has won an award anyway.  If it is on the website etc the public is not interested anyway.

          I do let my hair down all the time.  With my friends and family.  I am not interested in paying 5-10k for a table to be served average food – small portions – a cheap bottle of plonk which will cost around £30-£50 per bottle in addition.

          I do not need to be do not need to recognised by you me as I do not  need to be approved of by anyone else in the industry.

          I have better things to do in my time out of work than spend it talking about property with a bunch of boring old farts.

          I have never even heard of Angi C from C Residential I have just asked the people in the office today of they have heard and the answer is no, which  proves my point.

          I deal with a number of strong independent agents. I could not care less if they have won an award or not.

          Why is it great for the teams at these businesses.  It makes no different to them at all.

          I am sure they would far prefer that the money spent on attending a worthless  ceremony was given to them as a bonus for their efforts in their wage packet.

          We do a summer party and new year party to which all staff are invited and which is a laugh – not a stuffy formal event with a load of boring speeches.

          1. Whaley

            First time i’ve been accused of being stuffy and formal! Certainly its not been the vast majority of the events i’ve seen too.

            I don’t think anyone’s saying this is what defines somebody, but as a nice to have well yes I disagree there’s a place for awards.

            The public do care if you present it in a non bragging way, as social proof they work.

            Its great for the teams because its confirmation on top of everything else they’ve worked hard at all year to be recognised for it. Often many owners will bring some of the best performing numbers of the team along as a reward and they’ll tell you how much it means to the to be recognised in front of their peers. And no money isn’t the sole driver, many people value experiences far more.

            Ultimately its horses for courses, some people love events and awards, some hate them. Me, I love being able to meet up with likeminded people relaxing and celebrating around positivity rather than the constant drip of negativity in the news, but hey that’s just me.

            And whoever quoted you £5-10k for a table has hideously overvalued it!


    2. Whaley

      Congrat’s on your awards too Simon, no doubt you’ll be making a run at the ‘Big one’ next !


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