The good news: No estate agents were harmed during the making of this film . . .

No estate agents were harmed during the making of this film.

Which is good to know.

But has anything happened since?

It was made when Countrywide were the disco dancing queens (and kings) of the high street and the undisputed top of the pops.

It’s entirely possible you might recognise some of the people in it.


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  1. ArthurHouse02

    This is somewhere between cringe and really really funny. All credit to them for doing it though

  2. smile please

    Cringe. Corporate agent trying to connect with the public, wonder why they lost all that market share?

    1. PropertyStream17

      Blimey, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. You must be a barrel of laughs at the office party.

      This is bold, engaging, and original content, that brought a smile to my face  on a grey Monday morning. The cringe factor is why it works.

      Instead of kicking those who are down, why not offer a sprinkling of positivity for once, You never know, you might like it.

      1. smile please

        I may have been a bit hard on them you are right.

        However, it shows how bad corporates are at engaging with the public and frankly why they should not do things like this. Remember when they got vloggers to endorse them? yep equally as bad.

        An agent that does it right is Red Door Homes, excellent engaging content that relevant.

  3. ARC

    I believe that was made prior to or around the time that Ms Platt joined the business (someone will no doubt correct me if I’m wrong), when the share price was north of £5 so whether its your cup of tea or not it demonstrates what the then senior management team were doing that had lead them to that and the failings of what followed………………………………………….

    1. bobscarff

      You’re not wrong @ARC.

      This video was made (for internal broadcast only) to celebrate the first year of a Customer Focus campaign that had seen us win the ESTAS for the fifth year running, The Sunday Times Estate Agent of the Year and a record high NPS score from our Vendors.

      It also celebrated the fact that we had just achieved a record high for Estate Agency revenue and market share…….that was of course a complete coincidence…’s not as if there’s a link between Customer Service and Market Share, is there !!!!

      You’re not wrong about the Share Price either, nor the quality of the senior management team at the time.

      #brilliant #heartsandminds

      1. Retiredandrelaxed

        Nice to see that you did your bit in the video!

  4. AgencyInsider

    Extremely rare to see such a well made promo film where staff look so at ease taking part. It has the feel good factor in spades and comes across as joyful, fun, and a great team effort. A shorter version would have been a terrific TV ad that would have won them shedloads of business. How sad that it comes from another era.

    The BODS who so stupidly squandered everything this video encompasses should be forced to watch it on a never ending loop for the rest of their days.


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