Tenants take the cake when sent a contract to sign

What happens when you send a rental contract as a Word document for the tenants to sign?

Well, the tenants might take the cake!

In a story that has gone viral, the tenants added a clause stipulating that the landlord give each of them a free birthday cake, adding “Vanilla cake is not acceptable”.

The landlord did not notice the insertion of the extra clause and signed the document.

It is not known where the story originated from – but it does prove that draft tenancy agreements should be sent as uneditable pdfs.

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  1. Will

    If that’s the worst they did a lucky landlord!! Never give anyone the chance to alter paperwork.

  2. smile please

    I am surprised the amount of contracts, letters, agreements sent to me which are WORD documents not PDF’s.

    Best one we have was looking to for a new lettings agreement, they sent through the contract as a word document as opposed to PDF, initial agreement was to pay them for each agreement per lettings property on a case by case basis so we can opt out at any time. They sent the first agreement as a word document ….. Pretty simple to change what you need to change after that!


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