Tenants snubbing letting agents to avoid fees, claims portal

Younger renters are increasingly looking to cut out letting agents and go direct to landlords.

The House Shop, which lists properties from landlords, private sellers and agents, says that more tenants are using the landlord messaging function than are looking at letting agent listings.

The website also says that a third leave the search for a new rental home to the last minute, and plan to move in within a fortnight.

The property listings website claims that over the past three years, 31.2% of tenants have wanted to move into a place two weeks after making their first enquiry.

Two thirds of tenants say they need to move into their new home less than one month after making their first enquiry.

The House Shop claims agents could be getting snubbed by tenants wanting to avoid fees.

Nick Marr, co-founder of The House Shop, said: “For the one in three tenants who are expecting to actually move into their new home less than two weeks after they first make contact with the landlord – they will need to ensure that they are responsive, organised and thoroughly prepared.

“When a tenant makes an enquiry about a property online, it can often take two to three days before they receive a reply – especially if the property is being advertised directly by a DIY landlord who will usually have a full-time job to worry about, as well as their buy-to-let business.

“Even if the landlord replies to the enquiry instantly, the landlord and tenant will need to arrange a time for viewing that suits both parties, conduct tenant referencing checks, sign contracts, manage deposits, etc, before the new tenants can actually move in.

“Leaving just two weeks to get from start to finish is definitely achievable, but leaves little wriggle room.”


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  1. StatementOfFact

    Cut out agents and go direct via Gumtree if you want to, but be wary of the risks as well, like cash payments, lack of regulation, “dodgy” landlords looking to avoid doing things properly, etc.

    1. NewsBoy

      What a very novel idea. Online tenant finding service suggests that tenants don’t use agents. Whatever next – man bites dog??

  2. Woodentop

    Or are they doing the time honoured trick of hoping to dupe the landlord from finding out their dirt, when they know there is a high risk of being found out with an agent.

    1. RosBeck73

      Yes, the dodgier tenants do avoid agents in my experience.

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