Take the test: How well do you know the property profession?

Take a break and have a go at the questions below. They’re a small sample of those MOL use for our online training with property students. They test a student’s knowledge and understanding of the relevant subject areas (in England and Wales) for the NFoPP Awarding Body Technical Award qualification studies.

There is a mixture of sales and letting questions. The answers are in the next document.

Estate Agents

1     ‘Holmes Properties’ are struggling to secure a buyer for a flat they are marketing. Without permission they ask another estate agent to help. This breaches (select one):

  1. The Estate Agents Act 1979
  2. The Data Protection Act 1998
  3. Common Law
  4. Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

2     A company’s business terms and conditions are normally signed by the client home owner, to comply with? Select one:

  1. Section 18 of the Estate Agents Act
  2. The concept of ‘best practice’
  3. Contract law
  4. Undesirable Practices Order 1991

3     A property is sold for £245,000 to a home owner. How much Stamp Duty Land Tax would be due? Select one of the following

  1. £1,200
  2. £2,400
  3. £4,800
  4. £12,000

4     Where condensation occurs on a wall or ceiling and mould growth develops, what problem may this cause? Select one

  1. Roof leaks
  2. Crumbling plaster
  3. Dry and brittle timbers
  4. Diagonal cracking

Letting questions

1     Five people share a house but only four can sign the tenancy agreement. What is the fifth person known as (select one):-

  1. Lodger
  2. Licensee
  3. Co-habitee
  4. Permitted occupier

2     Where an agent’s contract is signed other than in the agent’s office at a market appraisal, how many days cooling off period must a consumer be given? Select one

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 10
  4. 14

3     To comply with the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, within what period of time must a tenant be given the landlord’s name and address if he submits a request for the same in writing (select one):-

  1. 14 days
  2. 21 days
  3. 28 days
  4. 1 month

4     Your landlord client and their existing tenant have agreed to renew an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for a further fixed period of six months. As letting agent, at what stage would you execute the new agreement making it binding on both the landlord and tenant? Select one

  1. Before the start of the initial term
  2. Upon receiving payment from your client for amendments made to the original tenancy agreement
  3. Once additional requirements have been agreed by both parties to the lease
  4. Once both agreements have been signed and returned to your agency


Paul Jager is head of the property division at MOL, which provides a variety of training in property and management.  http://www.mollearn.com/property-courses

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