Star estate agent quits firm ‘being sued after house goes on Instagram’

An estate agency is allegedly being sued by a client after a luxury home was put on Instagram by one of its agents without the client’s knowledge or consent, according to a newspaper.

The Times reported on Friday that the property was burgled after being featured on Instagram.

The Times did not name the firm or the individual agent allegedly involved.

EYE understands that a burglary did not in fact take place.

Asked by EYE about rumours gathering pace in the London market about the Times story, one firm confirmed the departure of one of its agents.

The Times ‘Movers and Shapers’ column on Friday said:


“Be careful what you post online. The word on the street is that an estate agency is being sued for a large amount of money after a client’s luxury home was burgled shortly after being posted online by one of its Instagram-loving agents.

“The allure of large swathes of followers and likes is driving some agents to be, how shall we put it, a little boastful about the deals they are involved in. It is all part of a growing trend for British estate agents, particularly at the top end, to act like celebrities – mirroring the leading US realtors, who are often as famous as their clients.

“We all like a bit of property porn, but it pays to be a bit tight-lipped and British about what you disclose online.”



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  1. poppy10

    Not sure if I can name him but he’s outed himself on his Instagram, talking about being sacked over this incident, and there’s a big splash covering the story on the Daily Mail today


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