Street Group to merge key products to boost instruction generation tool

Street Group, which owns Spectre and HelloAgain, has announced that it is merging the two products.

Spectre Anniversaries is the new name for the once stand-alone product,, which helps agents maintain relationships with their past purchasers by sending bespoke property reports on each anniversary of their purchase.

The PropTech company says that aside from property reports, Spectre Anniversaries, which officially launches on Friday, will cross references agent’s data with the Land Registry to ensure the contacts still own the property.

Spectre Anniversaries will also aim to help agents keep in touch with past purchasers, and remind purchasers who they previously purchased their property from.

Co-founded by brother and sister entrepreneurs, Heather and Thomson Staff, Spectre, the instruction generation tool, has generated more than £15bn of instructions via automating the prospecting of competitors’ properties, allowing estate agents to increase market share.

Heather Staff said: “We are delighted to be bringing the functionality of HelloAgain into Spectre. This will allow agents to nurture past relationships and bring properties that they once sold back to the market, something which is sorely needed in the current market.”

She added: “Keeping in touch with past clients is standard practice in almost every industry, but rarely done in Estate Agency for a few reasons.

“Firstly, what do you send them that they see value in receiving? Secondly, how do you know if they’re still in that property? And lastly it’s finding the time to do it. Spectre Anniversaries solves all three of those problems for the Agent.”


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