Software supplier VTUK enters market to offer high street agents separate online offering

Software supplier VTUK has become the latest to enter the market offering secondary “online” brands to estate agents which are designed not to degrade their high street offering.

Open View online has been launched and will be followed this week by the launch of the Multi Listing Site.

This will be followed by a further product in the second week of June.


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  1. smile please

    So pay X Thousand for for the software to VTUK

    Pay X Hundreds per year to host

    Pay X Hundreds per year for Email and telephones

    Pay X Hundred per year in insurance plus Redress

    Now add the extra Z  & RM accounts needed another 15k P.A.

    Oh do not forget the ever increasing cost of PPC / Adwords  X Thousand P.A.

    X Thousands / Hundreds on design and stationary.


    Err – Think i will stick with just my single brand and open another office if need be.

  2. VTUK

    That’s a good point well-made and it does look eye watering. We had to fully analyse the returns and costs to create this model and by pooling costs and creating new routes to market and instruction generating tools, we think the costs are much less than you may at first perceive.

    We aren’t Agents, but are very responsive to Client requests and this had grown to be a lot more than a request.  I would say, that there are regional variances and the effect of a low cost digital competition is being mostly felt in the South and this is where we receiving most of our enquiries.


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