So much better than Purplebricks at progressing sales – Emoov throws down the gauntlet

A feature has appeared on the Emoov site, favourably comparing its service with that of Purplebricks.

Its introduction reads: “At Emoov, we go further to sell your home. The below table compares our service against that of our competitor.

“Purplebricks leaves most of the sales process to you and your solicitor, whereas Emoov goes much further in assisting you with these things.

“The ‘post-sale’ element to any transaction is where a good estate agent really makes a big difference to the smoothness and certainty of a sale.”

According to the checklist, Emoov adds legal details to the online platform within 24 hours, and Purplebricks does not. However, both advise and support sellers with the survey, mortgage offer and negotiation.

Emoov agrees exchange and completion dates, and prepares the memorandum of sale; Purplebricks allegedly doesn’t.

Emoov altogether lists ten tasks it carries out for its customers; of these Purplebricks apparently carries out only two.

Emoov won itself positive ‘sales progression’ coverage in a Sunday Telegraph article this weekend, as did View My Chain.

Yesterday evening View My Chain, positively mentioned in a Sunday Times article,  claimed it had become a “vital tool for a third of estate agents in the UK”.

View My Chain founder Sohail Rashid said: “There are some very good hybrid online agents, and there are some that are very poor – as is the case for traditional estate agents. Among hybrid online agents we count Emoov as one of the best, while the Leaders Romans Group is one of the best traditional performers.”

Russell Quirk, CEO of Emoov, revealed his firm uses View My Chain.

He said: “At Emoov we recognise that sales progression is the most important and crucial part of the home buying and selling process. While some online agents fail to provide this aspect to home sellers, we’ve ensured it is an integral part of our internal operation.

“One of the reasons for partnering with View My Chain is to further improve the experience and outcome of this stage of the process. The data that they provide ensures that our teams are more informed, efficient and proactive in driving a transaction to completion which is ultimately what the consumer want.”


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  1. smile please

    Ha ha both are useless.

  2. Simon Bradbury

    Is it correct that ‘View My Chain’ is a vital tool for a third of estate agents in the UK’?

    1. ArthurHouse02

      I have never come across View my chain, not once. So if their claim is true, you would have thought out of the dozens of agents i talk to through the year chasing sales through i would have stumbled across them, but know. With this being the case, i would presume this statement is “misleading”

    2. PeeBee

      I would suggest that the correct quote would be that it is “…a vital tool for a t*rd of an Estate Agent somewhere in the UK”

      where *=’u

      Makes far more sense to me…

  3. Moveaside01

    I love the way the ‘Onliners’ are now giving us this revelation that there is more to sticking a photograph online to sell a house? Errr hello……this is what every High Street Agent does already, it’s nothing new?  In the end they’ll simply go full circle and end up as Full Service Agents charging the same amount in order to get the job done!

    1. PeeBee

      “In the end they’ll simply go full circle and end up as Full Service Agents charging the same amount in order to get the job done!”
      Actually I don’t think so – I firmly believe that when that particular penny doth finally droppeth they’ll have to charge more, in order to make up their ever-mounting losses!

  4. Peter Ambrose (The Partnership)

    If ViewMyChain WAS in a third of all agents and is achieving the time savings as promised, how come things are *still* taking SO long?

    I suspect that this figure might include agents who have looked at it – we’ve spoken to a few who have but none of those have taken it up to date.

    We, along with a number of data providers remain curiously intrigued in the source of the data used by the website.

    Post instruction progression times and effectivensss appear just as bad as ever, and we are STILL the only law firm making its transaction times public…

    1. P-Daddy

      A couple of comments Peter and some background for you all. I agree, View My Chain are not being used by a third of estate agents! I have been introduced to their product and had it demonstrated. My curiosity was how can it claim to help every sale? At its core, it is based on a licence with local authorities and to lesser degree banks, where a bot will identify if a search has been requested and paid for. The rationale being, committed purchasers will have paid, someone not committed or inefficient won’t and therefore there is a red flag. However, it will only work if the agents using the system can accurately identify every address in a chain!! If they can, then in theory they can keep a watching brief on transactions anywhere. But as we know with tech, its only as good as the c##p that is put in in the first place.

      Secondly, Emoov have highlighted the key weakness of the call centre offering. This is the one service that can help differentiate but is also their area of threat. The public still expect the world and support no matter how much or how little they pay. If they are unhappy, the angry of the internet immediately cry out on social media in the hope that Trump will come to their rescue. Progressing a sale is a significant part of the job and until the legal process is made efficient and banks policies are implemented effectively, the problems will remain. For bricks and mortar agents, the threat is clear, if the call centres do button down the service from cradle to grave so to speak, and stay cheap, the storm is coming! If the portals move into a more online type aggregator of data and listing, they will also jump on that band wagon too! Be the best you can, carve your own niche and it will be survival of the fittest.

      The lesson for today dear PIE people:- IBM were once dominant in computing. They pinned their colours to the mast of hardware as they saw software as a fad. Mr Gates arrived and the rest as they say is history…don’t be caught napping.


  5. Pollard36

    And I’m a better 100m sprinter than a sloth (only just)

    – an unprovable statement with an incredibly low barrier to entry is hardly ‘throwing down a gauntlet.’

    1. davehedgehog

      And I’m a bit ski jumper than Eddie the Eagle.


  6. Aaron

    Never dealt with emoov on progressing so can’t comment too much, but if they’re anything like Tepilo are/were, they were beyond useless. No help whatsoever in a recent chain, us and another agent in the chain split the work load between us chasing their client and pushing it through.

    Their own client even said to me when collecting keys how much more helpful we were and that she would come back to us if / when she moved in the future. Didn’t get her business this time, but short lived as far as T are concerned, we regularly get recommendations and word of mouth business, I wouldn’t confidently say they would, not in this instance anyway.

    The same with PB in any chain we have been in with them, it’s usually frustrating as the LPE doesn’t want to get involved and usually just throws it to the ‘progression department’ up north, for them to just call the solicitor and get an update, in my experience they don’t usually proactively chase and push where needed unless you goad them.

    Only my experiences but worth a mention.

  7. AgentV

    I am sure ViewMyChain approached us at some point a while back, but it appeared to be too expensive. Has anyone spoke to them recently or does anyone use the system? What does it cost nowadays?

    1. davey_surrey06

      I’m not a professional reviewer. 
      When I tried it I was left
      disappointed. I’m glad I wasn’t charged for the privilege of doing so.

  8. Woodentop

    At last PB has a comparable competitor (in the publics eyes) to also show up how poor on-liners service has been, to the contrary of what on-liners try and make the public believe. Love it, they are all on self destruct spatting at each other showing their failings, before the public was being told it was the high street sour grapes …. now the cracks are appearing and the funds have dried up, still no profits and investors staying away. Those that have piled cash in, are starting to get the jitters, even the directors are cashing in! None of them can stay in the market without cash mules or raising their fees and the latter is the only thing that the public see as competitive and all that costly media advertising. Low stock = low income …. the figures don’t balance when your trying to run a business on a financial knife edge and on-liners have no way to reduce overheads.

  9. mrtickle

    I mean it’s funny cos they’re both cr*p.


    And if you’re so good, why would would you merge with another failing business.


    Imagine being in a position where you need to compare yourself with possibly the worst agent in the UK to make yourself feel like a success.

  10. Property Paddy

    It’s not “ViewMyChain”

    It’s pulling your chain !


  11. davey_surrey06

    Is Rosalind on the payroll of this company? I swear she’s fawning over them at every opportunity she gets – talk about being biased.


    I tried VMC and was left underwhelmed.


    This claim to fame as being used in a third of al agents – they’ve giving it away for free and it happens to be available through various EA CRM solutions.


    You probably do have it by just don’t realize it. Incredibly irritating that they are shoving mediocre tripe down our throats.


    Oh and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


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