She’s done it – and if this hard-working millennial can buy her own home, anyone can (apparently)

She’s done it – bought her own home, that is.

And if the Duchess of Southwark can do it, then any “hard-working millennial” can – and “without whining about it”.

Sophia Plantagenet de Pole, 24, successfully saved up a £30,000 deposit in just two years, simply cutting back on takeaways and Ubers, taking a packed lunch to work three days a week, and by living on her parents’ large Surrey estate for 18 months to save on rent.

The Duchess, who earns £24,000 a year in PR and is heir to a £2.8bn fortune, paid £150 a month to her parents to contribute to bills, housekeeping and servants.

The self-sacrificing Sophia was able to stash away £1,000 in savings every month – helped along by owning both a medium-sized Angolan gold mine and 400,000 shares in Google which she received as a 21st birthday present.

With the help of her godmother Kirstie Allsopp, Sophia found the perfect starter home – a two-bed, one-ballroom flat in Belgravia for a little under £2.6m.

Sophia said: “My story shows that with a bit of hard work anyone can do it, and without the help of the Bank of Mum and Dad.”

This was, by the way, the New Statesman and not the Daily Mash or Private Eye reporting on Sophia’s momentous achievement.

In America the irony seems to have escaped some who read the story [albeit fake news] with puzzled interest.

One posted up: “I’m a millennial (28 years old) from the Midwest and know several people my age from fairly average families who have both paid off student debt and put down payment on a respectable home.

“Is housing really that insane elsewhere?”

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  1. devonlondoner59

    No words.

    this reminds me of when Trump said his dad gave him just a million to set his first business up.

    different planet.

  2. Londonbound

    That 30k… is that enough for the first mortgage payment on 2.6 mil? 🙂

  3. Ouch18

    Since when do lenders offer 99% loan to value for a kick off, and secondly since when do they offer £2.6m mortgages when you’re earning £24k a year

  4. RedRebel


  5. Ostrich17

    a two-bed, one-ballroom flat in Belgravia for a little under £2.6m.”

    That’s some USP 🙂

  6. cattwil37

    I’d like to know how she will pay the inevitable annual ground rent AND the ever escalating uncapped maintenance costs on £24,000 a year or is this one of those very rare  Commonhold properties?


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