Shelter salutes supposed ‘victory’ in holding agent to account over ‘DSS discrimination’

Shelter is claiming victory in its campaign against agent ludlowthompson, which it accused of banning renters on housing benefit.

It has been telling its supporters of its “breakthrough” in its campaign against DSS discrimination.

It says: “Ludlow Thompson, who appeared to be banning renters, receiving housing benefit, from homes they let – told us they’re taking steps to stop DSS discrimination.

“This happened because Shelter supporters tweeted, protested, called and sent emails to Ludlow’s CEO to demand that they end this practice.

“Every action raised the pressure, and Ludlow’s response demonstrates this.

“This breakthrough couldn’t have happened without supporters like you holding Ludlow Thompson to account.

“Thousands spoke up and this was impossible to ignore.”

However, ludlowthompson told EYE yesterday that despite Shelter’s claims, nothing has changed in that the firm never has had a policy of discriminating against tenants on benefits.

A spokesperson told us: “ludlowthompson would like to reiterate that their position remains the same as before.

“It is not ludlowthompson’s policy to discriminate against housing benefit claimants, indeed they already have a number of housing benefit claimants in their properties.

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  1. jeremy1960

    The bullying from shelter continues. Cannot wait for the day that they are called to account and lose all their funding!

    1. DarrelKwong43

      More chance of a brexit deal happening JC 

  2. RosBeck73

    Shelter is making things worse for people on benefits. Most of their activities result in things getting worse. They support and promote policies against private landlords, which leads to landlords having to exit the market or raise rents. This means that together with the pressures coming from the other direction in the form of benefit cuts and the introduction of Universal Credit, those at the bottom of the affordability scale are being pushed out. Making landlords or agents go through the motions and raising the hopes and using the time of benefit claimants when they are clearly not going to be chosen as tenants in many circumstances is stupid and unfair.

  3. Will

    The likes of Nationwide Building Society, B&Q and others funding  Shelter (who  are,Shelter that is, proud of using guerilla tactics as shown in recent reports) DISCREDIT themselves by supporting such tactics with their funding. Shetler (despite their slick PR & web site)  do not put any roofs over any heads as far as I know unlike other charities that at least provide temporary accommodation over Christmas and cold periods. Perhaps it is down to not what you know and do but who you know? Big buddies sticking together? who knows? I am sure someone will put me right if I am incorrect.

    1. DarrelKwong43

      Agree Will,

      Let me see if Nationwide will give me a mortgage of 150k if I am claiming job seekers allowance

      I will also pop into B&Q and see if they will let me have a 10k worth of credit through their financial services arm.


  4. Rayb92

    Shelters shameful antics damage the very people they claim to help

    not withstanding the fact they don’t House a single homeless person

    1. sanctuary45

      That’s how they justify their existence though. Make the problem worse so that there are more homeless people/people struggling to get rented accommodation and therefore they claim that they are needed and it keeps the donations flowing to pay their CEO’s exorbitant salary.

  5. Dom_P

    Shelter really are idiots, aren’t they?!

    1. Robert May

      Not idiots, very clever, very sneaky, left wing government lobbyist/agitators. Charity funded politics

  6. Home Provider

    Under new management since August 2017, Shelter appears to be out of control.

    1. Home Provider 

      1. Home Provider

  7. Harry Albert Lettings Estates

    If Shelter did this to us, we’d buy a shed and put it up to let for benefit tenants. Then Shelter can never say we’re discriminating as we will always have one property that accepts housing benefit.


    Not sure it’ll meet EPC regulations but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.


    I’m joking.

  8. AgencyInsider

    Shelter really are a shameful outfit.If the Ludlow Thompson statement is 100% accurate then why are LT not sueing Shelter for harassment and defamation?

    1. Will

      Probably because Ludlow Thompson would need to spend their own money to do so whilst Shelter spend other peoples money which has been given to them to help the homeless!


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