Senior management restructure at Spicerhaart as five-year growth plan announced

A senior management restructure at Spicerhaart has created a new top job – that of group managing director.

Antony Lark, formerly in charge of subsidiary Just Mortgages, has leap-frogged other senior staff in being promoted to the position.

Three ‘chapter’ managing directors will report to Lark and to CEO Paul Smith.

They are Russell Jervis, long-time Spicerhaart director of estate agency; Steve Williams, financial services director; and a third person yet to be announced.

The trio will be jointly responsible for the eight estate agency and lettings brands plus financial services businesses across the UK, and for delivering a five-year growth plan.

Lark, 47, joined Spicerhaart seven years ago after 17 years with Countrywide where he was regional financial services director for London and the south-east.

Lark said: “Spicerhaart is a very special business and the plans we have for growth over the next five years are extremely exciting.

“The world of estate agency and lettings has changed dramatically over the last five years and Spicerhaart is now bringing to life its plans to grow competitive advantage.

“Our focus is on our people who are enabled by best in class technology so that they can deliver a five-star service to our customers.”

Jervis, 50, said: “The alignment of our businesses under a geographic chapter structure has been in the planning for several years.

“To now have that all in place ready for 2020 brings huge opportunity for growth in the years ahead.

“Having better synergy in our businesses will benefit both our customers and our staff.”

Spicerhaart, which has 2,000 staff, operates haart, Darlows, Haybrook, Chewton Rose, Felicity J Lord, Brian Holt, butters john bee, and Howards.

* Haart in Derby has recently relocated to new offices. They are three times the size of the old offices and nine more staff are employed, following a £110,000 investment in the branch which is headed up by Aaron Ottewell.


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  1. smile please

    Antony is a very capable individual. Always thought it was a strange decision CW letting him go. Especially with who they replaced him with.

    1. Tealeaf

      Not that clever if the rumours are true.


      god help Spicerhaart


  2. tigerfish.jump

    “Antony is a very capable individual” – talk about damning the man with faint praise!

    Not “inspirational” or “visionary” – just “capable”!

    Looks like a shrewd political move to simultaneously install a malleable group MD and humiliate “leap-frogged” Russell Jervis in the process.

    Also emphasizes the fact that Spicerhaart are, when all is said and done, more interested in financial services than selling houses.


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