Russell Quirk due to appear on London radio station this evening – and will be asked about both Brexit and Emoov

Russell Quirk is to be on radio tonight – and can expect to face questions about Emoov.

The Property Show is on London Greek Radio between 7.05pm and 8pm.

It is hosted by estate agent Karl Knipe, of Kings Group, and will discuss how a Brexit deal – or ‘no deal’ – could affect the property market.

Participants are due to include Kristjan Byefield of Base Property, Veta Sitaropoulos from Athe Design, and Quirk.

However, the discussion looks as though it may well wander from its Brexit agenda, with Knipe telling us that he will be asking Quirk about Emoov.

You can tune in to LGR on 103.3FM.

Anyone with questions for the panellists can call 0208 346 3345, or text on 07976 611033.

Separately, Emoov properties were continuing to be displayed on Rightmove yesterday until about lunchtime.

Altogether, there were 3,368 listings, the latest added on Monday, the day the firm called in administrators.

The Emoov site itself is still very much live, as administrators seek to find a buyer for the business.

A statement yesterday by the administrators, James Cowper Kreston, said that a buyer could be found for the listings, and that a further statement would be made shortly.

It said: “As a number of prospective buyers have indicated an interest in purchasing the client property listings, therefore, the administrators will be exploring the transfer of these to other providers as a priority.”

It went on: “Thereafter the administrators expect to close down the trading activities.”

Meanwhile, the property PR and marketing company set up by Quirk in October, Properganda, appears to be doing well, according to its Twitter account, which says the firm gets paid on results.


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  1. Light


    1. Bless You

      naea should be paying quirk to sing about the corrupt pay any way model. At same time on market should be paying him to get bricks taken off rightmove. Not good for the buyer and even worse for the duped seller.

      He does want to be the next max Clifford after all.(Not the prison bit )  He seems quite good at getting the media’s ear.

    2. Derek McGoth

      Will Russell be using any of his own money to refund small investors who backed his venture? Is he even going to apologise to those of who lost hundreds or thousands of pounds, supporting eMoov as part of the crowdfunding round?

      …I highly doubt it.

      Whilst Russell toasts and gloats about his new PR agency, most of us are busy wiping off investments made in good faith. He could at least be man enough to say sorry. [Sentence removed as it breached posting rules]

      1. Bless You

        Did those same investers care about jobs, taxes, customer service?

        Let them eat cake i say.

        U play with feathers, u deserve to get your **** tickled.

        1. Derek McGoth

          “Let them eat cake”.

          It was a crowdfunding initiative advertised through Crowdcube. It wasn’t aimed at institutional investors and Big Money, they looked to collect funds from millennial penny investors. Most of the people who gave it a shot will have decided to give them a go based on their investment prospectus, not their personal experience of eMoov’s customer experience.

          You sound like a very bitter and very sad man. Are you Russell?

  2. ArthurHouse02

    Why would anyone buy the listings???? They have already paid Emoov to market their home, they arent going to now be very happy about paying another estate agent and i cant imagine someone selling the 3000 properties for nothing? Please explain how this works?

    1. Carpets And Curtains Included

      Easy: Good morning Mr/Ms Vendor, I’m a proper agent. Allow me to sell your property for 5% more than your previous ‘agent’. The fee? £3500 plus vat, and we’ll refund the £500 you were ripped off by, er….., sorry…., paid up front to the other lot. Multiply that by 3000 listings and you have a decent book.
      You might even be able to afford a Rightmove subscription too

      1. Property Poke In The Eye

        The only thing is that these listings are all over shop.  That’s why these FSBO models don’t work.

        So the £3000 example fee will only work if you can truly offer a proper service.

        1. Bless You

          It’s never 3000 any way. I counted 9 houses in 3 big counties… 

  3. Moveaside01

    I could listen to Quirk on the radio tonight or volunteer to help my elderly neighbour who’s had one stuck in the u-bend for the last 3 weeks and it needs shifting?

    No brainer, I’m helping my neighbour!



  4. Trevor Gillham

    I would love to know the portal costs pcm, anyone prepared to tell?

  5. htsnom79

    An exiting new way to sell property has announced first round funding, headed up by notable property experts Allsop/Spencer/Beeny/Quirk


  6. AgencyInsider

    Ring ring, ring ring…

    Hello,Quirk here.

    You want me to come on your show? Great, yes, of course.

    I shall bring my gigantic brain and give your millions of listeners on the Today programme the benefit of my expert opinion on anything you care to ask me about.

    What’s that, it not Today?

    Well I suppose I can do World at One then, they’ve got millions of people who will want to listen to me.

    Oh, not that either?

    OK PM it is then, they’ve got loads of listeners and I’ll show that Evan Davis what a lightweight he is, compared to me.

    It’s what? London Greek Radio? How many listeners does it have?

    One? Fantastic! They’ll be awed by my amazing wit and wisdom. What time am I on?

  7. J1

    I can hear him now!

    ”Infammy Infammy they all had it in for me”

  8. Chris Wood

    HUBRIS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary hubris definition: 1. a way of talking or behaving that is too proud: 2. an extreme and unreasonable feeling of pride and confidence in yourself: Hubris – Wikipedia In its ancient Greek context, it typically describes behavior that defies the norms of behavior or challenges the gods, and which in turn brings about the downfall, or nemesis, of the perpetrator of hubris. The adjectival form of the noun hubris is “hubristic”.
    [Sentence removed as it breached posting rules]

    1. Millicent Bystander

      I believe ’cockwomble’ in the urban dictionary most accurate for Mr Quirk.

  9. dave_d

    Does this guy work for PIE? I’m sick and tired of reading PIE in the morning only to hear the name Russell F’ing Quirk being mentioned again and again.

  10. Room101

    …and from this day forth Russel of Emoov is no more, instead you shall be called, “Russell F’ing Quirk” 


    Aptly borrowed from a book called – “Champulons: Legions of Doom: The 1St Evolution of the Robotic Era”

  11. Countrybumpkin

    Many of us (not all of us) need to remind ourselves that when a man is down (even from the other side) that we need to offer compassion and empathy. Many of us look up to people like Lord Sugar who made several failures before conquering. If social media had dubbed him back in the amstrad days when all was lost and staff weren’t paid, alongside his jewellery shop failures (name escapes me) then he may not have bounced back. Now every industry needs an unwelcome disrupter to improve oneself. To this end I wish Russell every respect and determination to bounce back up as one who succeeds in whatever path you choose. Life without you will be quiet on here. So please ignore the slayers, who mean well but possibly do not understand what one might be going through. The lack of money to pay staff is hard, especially for the loyal and good ones. There are many who will slate you, but bounce back Russell – I have known you since Longer than you think (school days) and you are a proper sole and gentleman who can withstand the storm and conquer your dreams.

    apologies to those who disapprove but as a compassionate person, kick a man standing and not one who may have fallen.

    1. Hillofwad71


      I think you have chosen the wrong person to compare Quirk with Sugar .He started  up selling car aerials on a market stall.Quirk is a third generation estate agent where an office door was open to him from Day 1 .The best of all possible starts in life by virtue of the  fact his surname is Quirk

      We are also not talking about some callow youth starting life’s journey He has been around the block and he is in his 50s

      I might have a little sympathy  if he withdrew back self-reflected and waited til the wreckage is sorted

      He somehow thinks he can just dust himself down  put this down to experience  and carry on as normal

      His very  unempathic  Tweet was extraordinarily insensitive saying at least he had the  guts to try just as the liquidators called in No consolation to the 141 staff losing their jobs before Xmas The very fact he started up 2 companies in Sept shows he was putting himself first

      Spare some of your sympathy  for the small investors suckered in by his swagger on Crowdcube  now finding out that one of the investors had failed to deliver so he was on the backfoot from the get-go in July




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