Rightmove tells agents it does not store or use seller information it requests on new Best Price Guide

Rightmove has reassured agents that there is absolutely no sinister motive for its new Best Price Guide demanding the name of the owner whose property is being valued before it will product the report.

An agent who approached EYE with his worries said: “Unless you fill in the mandatory field requiring the name of the person that the report is for, it simply doesn’t allow you to use the Best Price Guide.”

He queried why Rightmove needed the information and said it was possible that Rightmove could be amassing a database of prospective sellers to which it could then market directly, or sell it back into the market.

The agent was also concerned that if Rightmove were ever to take private listings, then this could help them.

He said he felt that in an era of big data, it was not plausible that the contact information would not be stored and/or used.

However, a spokesperson for Rightmove told us: “We ask for the name of the person that the Best Price Guide is going to so that their name can be added to the front of the report, to personalise it.

“Rightmove does not store or use this contact information.”


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  1. Ric

    Just type a different name?

    AKA First Name “Your” second name “Report For”

    Anyhowz… RM cannot make Private Listings Work.

    I assume the moment PL’s are allowed, we will finally as an industry all withdraw our Stock INSTANTLY and thus Rightmove have a lot of people to convince RM will help sell their home if the property is already on RM and has failed to sell so far.

    Agents up n down the country explaining why we all came off RM, but don’t worry you have a viewing tomorrow and ALL buyers have turned to OTM & Z…

    Come on… they need us more than we need them and we can hit the masses WELL before they could convince tens of thousands of home owners to shift to private.

    Added to that, their business plan and profit margins look a tad different to today! 10,000 agents? Clients? paying no matter what and 10% to 15% more each year! or 1 million clients being the public… having to retake photos etc because we own our material paying a few quid and demanding support.

    phew… I convinced myself if no-one else.

    PS – Love it how the Estate Agents can’t trust..! Funny bunch we are.

  2. Property Pundit

    If you believe this explanation, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  3. Russell121

    Surely a data protection issue if they used the information and the lead hasn’t come via themselves.

  4. HIT MAN

    Rightmove have something up their sleeves, and you all keep paying them Ha Ha. Mugs


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