Rightmove staff go on an away day – today!

Rightmove has told agents – don’t call us today.

The portal is taking its customer service and sales teams off duty, so that they can attend a company conference and training day.

In an email to agents, the firm says: “To minimise disruption, we will increase our customer service staffing levels both before and after the 5th.

“Should you have an urgent query on the day, we would ask that you email us and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

“We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.”

One agent told Eye he had not seen such a closure before, and said Rightmove was having a “love fest” which would include a briefing on Agents’ Mutual.

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  1. Paull

    It's a day to the job centre more like!

  2. gbh11

    I think it will take more than one day of training to alter the standards and behaviour of a bunch of ………….

  3. marcH

    It's the last sentence that intrigues me…..bit late to discuss the inevitable share price decline prompted by the inevitable fee erosion caused by agents dumping this unscrupulous money-grabbing monolith.

  4. wilko

    "Rallying the troops before the final battle"
    Having spoken to some of their senior sales team a few months ago it will take alot more than 1 days training to teach them about decent customer service.
    For those agents out there that haven't yet signed up to Agents Mutual….you can now surely see what a huge threat both RM and Zoopla consider it to be….you really have to get on board with AM if you haven't done so already.

    1. Lins C

      How funny. A UK Top 250 company has a national conference and it's because they are terrified of a competitor? How does that logically play through? We have a small property development company and sell through 15 to 20 units a year. One of the agents we use, who is no great Rightmove fan, tells me that he pays about £25 a month per property. On average he sells a property in 4 months – so £100 a property. I think that is a pretty good deal and wouldn't consider using an agent who didn't put my property on Rightmove. Another agent we use tells me that he can't wait for one of his competitors to come off Rightmove – he'll win business off the back of them leaving – his problem is he thinks everybody is all bluster and won't leave. Rightmove might be a nightmare for some agents and seem like a bit of a rhinoceros – thick skinned and quick to charge – but for agents who come off best of luck.

      1. MF

        If Rightmove offered me a deal that even cost me four times that amount, I would consider signing back up with them. I simply can't afford the extortionate rates they demand. But who cares, I manage to run my business without them. My clients don't care or venture to tell me where I must advertise – I give them the results they desire and that's all they care about.

      2. wilko

        To lins C
        "How funny. A UK Top 250 company has a national conference and it's because they are terrified of a competitor? How does that logically play through?"
        They have never done one before, they have tried to find out how many agents will be leaving them by means of a dodgy customer care survey, their shares have plumetted, they have never cared about customer service….until now apparently, and major shareholders are bailing out….is that logical enough?
        If not then what about the fact that circa 500,000 (yes half a million) properties will be placed on the market with agents using the new Agents Mutual site next year and they will NOT be on Rightmove and Zoopla?
        Are you sure this top 250 uk company would not be bothered by that?
        If not then you have just discovered the very reason why they will not be a top 250 uk company next year ie, complaicent and greedy and not aware of the real threat posed by AM.

        1. Lins C

          Wilco, fine if that is how you feel. My point is that as a person who pays agents a number of commissions in a year, it is up to me who I place my properties with and I wouldn't place with an agent who was not on Rightmove – the end. I also believe that an agent who is on Rightmove will use it to take business away from agents who are not – because an agent has told me that is what they will do. I hope that you can weather the storm that's all while this website gets the attention of the public. Property is something but not everything – I remember a website called Globrix that had every property but nobody used it and it was rubbish.

          1. MF

            "I wouldn't place with an agent who was not on Rightmove – the end."

            Why is that, Lins C?

          2. PeeBee

            MF – ""I wouldn't place with an agent who was not on Rightmove – the end."

            Why is that, Lins C?"

            Because, quite simply, 'Lins C' CAN CHOOSE. WILL choose – and is stating that the choice will be made exclusively on which Agent will give RM coverage.

            Vendors & Landlords have the final say here – and THEY are not being given a choice in the matter.

            I, for one, don't think for one second that 'Lins C' is unique.

            Those Agents that offer what they want will have – and for all the WONG reasons – a competitive advantage.

            And THAT is something I have been saying since AM first raised its' head above the parapet.


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