Rightmove reports record-breaking Boxing Day figures

New data from Rightmove has revealed that a new record number of sellers came to market on Boxing Day 2023.

The 26% increase in new sellers beat the previous record of last year.

Buyers also got their new year moving plans in motion on Boxing Day, with the number of buyers contacting estate agents about homes for sale nearly quadrupling (+273%) from Christmas Day, and 17% higher than Boxing Day last year.

Visits to the Rightmove platform nearly doubled (+84%) between Christmas Day and Boxing Day and were 8% higher than last year.

A boost was expected, since Boxing Day traditionally signals the start of home-mover activity starting to ramp up following the usual lull over Christmas.

Rightmove’s property expert Tim Bannister said: “The scale of this year’s Boxing Day bounce is an early positive sign at the start of the year that buyers and sellers are out there and taking action, likely including some movers who had put their plans on hold last year. 

“Whilst it is early days, it will be key to monitor activity as it ramps up through the end of winter and into spring, particularly to track whether sellers are pricing attractively enough to agree a sale with a buyer quickly, given buyers now have more choice to consider than last year and are still very price sensitive.”

Commenting on the figures, Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, said: “Positivity is clearly resonating on the property market even though Christmas is normally a quiet period for the property sector. 

“Rightly so, sellers are clearly not deterred by the latest inflation figures or interest rates as optimistic signs start to emerge and are demonstrating confidence in the market. 

“This is the positive type of news that Propertymark hopes to see more of throughout 2024.”


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  1. sanjeevghai@icloud.com

    wow – impressive ( not )

    I recently came across the impressive stats you shared about Boxing Day, and I couldn’t help but express my amazement.

    I was particularly intrigued by the significant increase in the number of buyers contacting estate agents about homes for sale, nearly quadrupling from Christmas Day and 17% higher than Boxing Day last year. It’s truly remarkable.

    However, I couldn’t help but wonder about the claim that sales quadrupled from last year. Were you personally involved with buyers on Boxing Day, or is there a possibility of a mix-up, perhaps with the increase in agent fees?

  2. EAMD172

    Self fulfilling prophesy?
    I came across so many clients on valuations from end of November onwards where agents were advising them to go on the market on Boxing Day to catch the bounce! Such bad advice as they had so much more competition! We agreed 15 sales from our office in December, 2 of which were November valuations who were advised to wait by others and one of which completes next week.

    1. Liz Shore Way

      It’s the worst advice, makes me very grumpy!

      1. The Sussex Idler

        Yes. I always ask if the agent spouting this nonsense is opening up on Boxing Day accordingly? Take advantage of all those leads?

        Though not.

  3. Ric

    They’ll be claiming Christmas Eve is best next, as Mr C is always viewing on the 25th…

    It’s bad enough other times of the year with leads from people who can’t remember which property, or even say “did I click that”

    Each to their own I suppose, but I know which I would choose:

    1. List on 26th for digital clicks and know 1st week 2nd week January is realistically when it starts, but hey I had 1m clicks.


    2. Wait until 3rd, 4th, 5th avoid being listed when the theatre is full of WOFTs and have it look NEW ON in 2024 as your serious 26th clickers will still be clicking away getting viewings arranged for January and be checking every day for New Instructions.

    IMO, which is rarely right LOL.

    1. Robert_May

      I’ll be back when the daffodils come out, the sky will be blue and the people less so,. The evenings will be lighter. I know my applicant register intimately, there’s no-one in there who wont wait a few weeks. If anyone is despeate I’ll give you a call.

      A nice set of photos in spring is worth more than rushing to get it on now!

  4. Hit Man

    Oh Yer Pull the other one, what a load of Bol***ks, where’s the evidence? and in any case what benefit is that to independent agents who are paying the premium to list on there. Agents Stock, Agents Fees and RM gain.

  5. Gangsta Agent

    of course RM wil say that, but it keeps the cooperate boys/girls on their toes whilst the rest of us are enjoying great family time over the holidays


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