Rightmove introducing new packages for agents at up to £1,750 per month for each office

Rightmove has confirmed it is introducing new sales packages for agents. The packages look to be hikes for many agents on its current charges.

The cheapest, ‘essential’ package, is at £1,000 per month per branch. It comes with the message “Access the most engaged audience”.

The ‘enhanced’ is £1,450, tagged with “Grow your market share”. It comes with £1,800 worth of product, according to Rightmove.

The most expensive, at £1,750 per month, is tagged as “Lead your market”.

EYE had approached Rightmove for comment after one agent, Russell Bennett of Quirk Deakin, told us of his unhappiness at a hike in subscription taking his business from £1,218 per month to £1,700.

Rightmove last night said it was not asking any agent for a rise of £500.

It also said it would not comment on individual agents’ costs or use the phrase ‘rate card’.

But it did confirm that new prices are the ones being offered to joiners.

A spokesperson said: “We work with agents to create tailored packages that best suit their marketing objectives, and the cost depends on the exposure an agent gets on Rightmove.

“The majority of agents choose to add various types of product to their core package at a discounted rate, to help with the exposure they want to achieve for their brand and properties.

“This year we have reviewed our packages based on some agents asking for our packages to be simplified.

“There are now three packages available – Essential, Enhanced and our existing package, Optimiser. The first two will be replacing our other older packages during 2018.

“As part of Rightmove’s core membership, agents have access to insightful and practical tools such as Rightmove Intel, a lead mapping tool to identify new instruction opportunities, and free webinars from Rightmove and people within the industry.

“Where new advertising rates apply, full details are being communicated to each of these advertisers on an individual basis.”

Russell Bennett las night told us:  “It’s interesting that after 15 years I am being charged the ‘new joiners’ rate card.”

In July this year, Rightmove said the average advertiser paid £911 per month. City analyst Anthony Codling said then that the holy grail was to charge £2,500 per branch per month.

Rightmove’s new advertising rates were announced yesterday as OnTheMarket sought to establish backing for its bid to demutualise and go for a stock market listing.

Last night, there was no news on yesterday’s vote – with 75% of those who did vote in favour needed to make the change.

01096_TRI-FOLD_Enhanced_Packages_NATIONAL-DUAL Package

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  1. AnotherPlanet24

    Utterly outrageous move from Rightmove

    1. David B

      How much do RM charge a small one branch independent agent per property listing on average?

      How much do they charge investor backed call centre agents per property listing on average?

      Could this be anti-competitive behaviour by RM as it probably favours the call centre agents- volume of scale do not apply as it is likely that their investors ultimately absorb that cost as well?


      1. AgentVX17

        Good one @David B
        How much do RM charge a small one branch independent agent per property listing on average?
        Well,  how much an independent agent charge to customers? on £500K property, avg 1-2%? Between £6k -12K
        How much do they charge investor backed call centre agents per property listing on average?
        Call centre agents charge from £99 to £1500 for a £500K property. 
        What would happen now? After this increase, call centre or online agents will increase fees too!

        1. Industry_Pro

          David B – in answer to your question;

          From past conversations with a hybrid owner I understand the typical charging structure to be the following; a base standard branch subscription for their HQ location plus an additional branch subscription for every 36 properties listed as ‘live’. [all paid monthly].

          Example: for showing 72 live properties; they will pay the equivalent of three monthly subscriptions at the standard or enhanced package rate depending on which package type they have opted for.



  2. IndAgent

    Why don’t we comment here with what our monthly fee is. I’ll go first. Single branch independent and we pay £1500+vat. South coast.

    1. rdw70

      £1750 + vat – optimiser single branch (northwest)

      1. Certus

        one branch independent, £1035pm includes premium listings, logos, and one featured property box. Essex

        1. surrey1

          4 office independent £1,232 inc premium listings, logos.   Surrey.

    2. P-Daddy

      Already there is a variation in charges seen by these replies, yet Rightmove say they don’t negotiate anything. They are going to milk the existing members (agents) as they are running out of revenue streams and have been left standing by Zoopla with their buy and build conglomerate that it now is squeezing agents through subscription, advertising, brochures and software and of course uSwitch. This data is being harvested into money and they are charging you to print and upload your data all at the same time!

      In the summer, I asked Miles S where he saw RMV in the next 5 years, and he ducked the question, even though the theme was being a challenger. He said they would provide software to enable buyers/sellers/tenants to book appointments on line through the portal rather than the agents, as lots enquiries were out of hours. You heard it hear first, if you all allow this to happen, it will be the deaths of your business as you loose all contact and control with your market..and the question he wouldn’t answer was along the lines if  RMV were to  really evolve in the future it would upset their customers and stakeholders, but there is a new direction they could adopt would be in the spirit of virtual agents. I bet their brainstorming sessions keep coming back to RMV becoming the largest online agent. The conflict is that if they didn’t pull it off in 1 go, they would be slaughtered by the industry. If it were to become a thing…agents would be slaughtered. Hedge your bets everyone, and find another portal to get behind…..

  3. J1

    I have been on their optimiser for a six month run at £1700

    Not one valuation request !!!!

    its all nonsense to be honest

    a basic listing on this digital shop window is all that’s needed

    the rest is vanity and agents doing what agents do – herd around after each other and worry about how big their …… are!!!!!

    1. Trevor Gillham

      Totally agree, people are just looking for properties, I also think that a featured property at the top of the listings is terrible.

    2. MKM1979

      110% agreed!

  4. ArthurHouse02

    The whole Rightmove situation is completely unfair. As a small multi office company we pay Just over £1200 per month per office. I dont mind a large corporate having hundreds of offices being given some sort of discount as that is just how it goes, but what makes me angry is that certain companies, having one central office being able to list 1000s of properties on one feed are given an enormous discount.

    I heard of one estate agent that got into hot water with Rightmove when they launched a second office. In the early days they were running just the one feed whilst their 2nd office got up and running. Someone shopped them to Rightmove, who then basically threatened to throw this company off rightmove unless they paid for a second feed. What is the difference between a multi-office company having one feed (which is not allowed), and you know you also having one feed (which Rightmove are completely happy with)

    1. Certus

      Could argue that each LPE is an independent office and should have their own feed/costs. they are self employed after all.

    2. Industry_Pro

      As per the comment above;
      From past conversations with a hybrid owner I understand the typical charging structure to be the following; a base standard branch subscription for their HQ location plus an additional branch subscription for every 36 properties listed as ‘live’. [all paid monthly].
      Example: for showing 72 live properties; they will pay the equivalent of three monthly subscriptions at the standard or enhanced package rate depending on which package type they have opted for.
      At this level of charging the hybrid owner was struggling to show a gross profit of any kind on the transaction particularly if the property did not sell in the first few weeks – a totally unsustainable situation.

  5. WelshWatcher

    If there is ever a time to support on the market. …

    1. ArthurHouse02

      That time has come and gone. OTM is a complete shambles run by certain individuals for the own gain. It was a fantastic idea, poorly driven, and any opportunity to be a serious alternative to R & Z has been destroyed by self interest and a complete lack of public awareness

      1. Bless You

        yes about 2 years ago but they messed it up ..

  6. The Outsider

    That’s still incredibly cheap for what you get.

  7. Paul H

    “Rightmove confirmed that the price is the one being offered to new customers”…..Its a deterrent, a bit like the EU’S leaving bill…if you leave here’s what you have to pay (if you want to come back).

  8. SEC78

    This will not stop until we as agents come together and stand together. Clearly this will be and need to be the independent agents to get the ball rolling.

    If we do nothing (which is what we have been doing) rm will carry on doing what they have been doing, hiking rates and increasing profit their margins. No portal should have this sort of power over its agents, for it’s because of the agents that thess portals exist in the first place.

    Lets think about this, how would rm react if say 5000 independent agents serve notice? And maybe there could be lettter of intent or something of that nature stating that we will only be listing exclusively with zoopla or where. This should give us leverage. A starting point.

  9. Chrispy

    Talking as someone who has a marketing background the thing you fail to understand is that this website should be seen as an opportunity to MARKET your business, the longer you see it as a website you have to pay for the longer you’ll be wasting your money.

  10. Property Paddy

    “Anthony Codling said then that the holy grail was to charge £2,500 per branch per month.”

    You can only pay so much before it becomes too expensive to use.

    We are facing diminishing stock levels, increased price competition from on liners and RM want us to pay more.


    If RM want us to pay more we need to have some transparity on what they charge On line agents

    1. Certus

      A fair way would be to charge per listing?

  11. AgencyInsider


    1. This story will hit 50+ comments with at least 49 of them lambasting Rightmove as a wicked, profiteering monster.

    2. There will be much huffing and puffing about leaving/boycotts etc

    3. At least 10 comments will say that Onthemarket is the answer.

    4. At least 10 comments will say Onthemarket is not the answer

    5. As a result of this story and all the comments absolutely NOTHING will change.



    1. Robert May

      6. One person will predict that all very soon £300  will be considered expensive!

    2. SarahPercy33

      Completely true sadly – I wasted an hour of my life speaking my Rightmove account manager – upshot of conversation fees still going up!  (I am on the team of On The Market NOT being the answer).

  12. nj198443

    Have you ever worked out how much income Rightmove brings your business? Does anyone here monitor how many leads they receive from Rightmove?

  13. Paul Boswell

    So much moaning!! Vote with your feet and walk away. Nobody ‘needs’ rightmove, you just think you do!

    1. MF

      Absolutely. We walked away six years ago.

  14. lettingagent_one08

    This whole situation has come about because RM believe they have a monopoly and can do what they like because agents have no choice – ‘they have to be on RM’. Well of course they don’t. Like any business (including estate agents) they will try to charge as much as possible until customers say NO I’m off. We were on RM and zoopla for 5 years (lettings only) and it was becoming more apparent that zoopla was catching up RM both in brand awareness and lead generation. Last year zoopla leads outnumbered RM by 3 to 1 so we dropped RM and have been running only zoopla. for the last 6 months. Guess what? we have not noticed any difference in performance. Properties have been renting in the expected time frames and only a handful of landlords have asked why we are not on RM and all were happy that we were on zoopla. It seems to be a case of ‘as long as you are on RM OR zoopla that’s ok’

    I admit that is only for lettings but surely food for thought? I have even seen a few adverts recently where agents are actually promoting the fact that they are on both RM and zoopla and using this as a USP, mocking any agents that are not on both ………. talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!

    1. ARC

      There lies the problem I’m afraid agents are very quick to say let’s organise and take action but then go out and slag each other cos he’s not on Z or RM etc. It’s why OTM was never going to work cos you can’t herd cats! There would always be one self serving lazy agent that doesn’t get on board and goes round trying to win instructions saying any agent not on RM and Z is an idiot.

  15. PaulC

    Hi All,

    We pay a whisker under £4,000 net of Vat.

    This translates to around £20 per property per month when looking at available over the month.

    I think it’s well worth it and engage with Rightmove to try and get the best from the platform.

    My average time on market including my non sellers is about 5 month.

    So we are talking about £100 per property I don’t think this is expensive.

    I know some of you will jump that’s fine but what if you only have 40 available homes over the month etc.

    1. AgentV

      They really need to do something to help very small agents where the average cost per property sold (and fee earned) can be over £300.

  16. Stokeagent51

    I told Rightmove that landlords I knew were setting themselves up as letting agents on Rightmove and they said as long as it is a company they are fine with it, even though I proved that they were only marketing properties they owned and were not offering a service for other landlords.

    I also told Rightmove that Zoopla were beating them about 5 to 1 on leads and my rep said ” Sounds like you should cancel Rightmove if you’re having such success with Zoopla.”

    Rightmove pretty much look at agents as cash cows and will arrogantly rinse us without a second care.  To raise fees when they know the tenant fee ban is coming in soon and sales agents are having to charge less due to online pressures is shocking, its not like they are short of money to run their operation.

    I’m hoping that Rightmove do a Ratners and learn the hard way not to take your customer base for granted.




  17. smile please

    Well done for all the retarded agents voting for OTM to do the same to us.

    Remember your vote when you are turning off the office lights for the last time.

  18. SarahPercy33

    They are putting my fees up 16.47% – when I questioned my account manager about this she just gives me a load of old flannel about all the wonderful new features they are providing.  I pointed out to her that at the moment Letting agents are under incredible pressure with the looming loss of Admin Fees, additional 3% stamp duty and loss of 40% tax relief meaning Landlords are not buying new stock or leaving the market completely.  There is no justification whatsoever for them to increase their fees by this percentage but because they can, they do.  I wish there was an alternative for me but Zoopla frankly puts forward terrible leads and On The Market simply doesn’t touch Rightmove – so I only use one portal.  I hate Rightmove with a passion but I do need them and so the fee increases go on.  I have simply cut out a load of the extras which I don’t need and kept my fee the same for another year – next year no doubt they will do it again.  The biggest thing that irritates me is that they try to make we are getting a better service when the simple fact is they are absolutely ripping us off!  Rant over…..

  19. Typhoon

    This is why OTM has to survive!! It’s time for the industry to make a stance against this highway robbery. Rumour has it RM is now being run by Dick Turpin on steroids.




  20. Beano

    I will write to Rightmove and say ‘Please terminate my agreement with immediate effect if you intend to increase my price plan by more than 4% per annum’.

  21. Mark Walker

    You are all partners to an abusive relationship.


  22. AgentV

    In light of OTM now going public, would anyone think it was a good idea to set up a union for independent agents, to help collective bargaining negotiations? Membership could be kept to a minimum admin price of say £25 per year.

    Is is possible?

  23. Chris Wood

    Here’s a suggestion that I proposed a while ago.

    All of Rightmoves customers who are franchisees/ trade under one major brand name or, a series of regional brand names, attract very substantial discounts from Rightmove.Why, in all that is holy, has the board of PropertyMark not gone to Rightmove and ZPG and said we have 10,000 or so members trading under our Propertymark logo and paying a subscription (franchise fee if you will) and negotiate similar rates for its members?

    1. AgentV


      a). They have no imagination to come up with ideas outside the box?

      b). It would help small independents be on a similar cost footing to online listers…..and that might upset some of their newfound online lister friends!

      c). They are not interested in doing more work to help their members?

    2. Industry_Pro

      Hi Chris,

      Discounts discussion – Mainly because they would have to belong to the same legal entity. An unlikely scenario in independent land.

      The various CW agency brands are all owned outright by CW estate agents, the trading entity.

      1. Chris Wood

        Not so in the case of Purplebricks and others but very healthy discounts nonetheless.

  24. HITMAN32

    If everyone joined onthemarket.com and dropped RM, they would save a package. I did almost 3 years ago and never missed RM at all. Now would be the best time to do it!

  25. Russell121

    Single independent £800 midlands no extras just logo

  26. RMripoffagents20

    Hi all, I am the person who contacted PropertyEye regarding this ‘story’ I simply wondered if anyone else had complained / reported the hike in prices and for the record my fees are £1015 per month RISING TO £1700 for equivalent membership or £1000 for simple no logo membership – for 1 office in Essex! My issue is that RM self imposed the 36 (or 26 as I was told) properties in an area then become an office rule for their own benefit – online agents now have to pay them £10’s of thousands a month to advertise so why would RM change that rule. However I asked my account manager why that rule did not apply for all agents in the reverse – therefore if you don’t have 26/36 properties advertised for sale you would or should not be considered an office and therefore do not need to pay a fee. My suggestion may seem outrageous and I know it will never become reality but starting a business (which I am not – 11 years and counting) would mean you receive assistance and encouragement to grow from the marketing company that will benefit form your longevity and success, likewise a drop in business, crash in the market and you would not have to meet their over the top and frankly, out of touch extortionate fees. My Zoopla and RM fees have been over £2k a month for years, the fees are reducing, the leads are reducing and the market is not actually as buoyant as others want you to believe. I am going to look for a local agent to share the RM account with and I wonder how many people know that you can have TWO brands with 1 RM account? A lot of agents use it for a ‘prestige’ brand or a few have an online brand – I have tried that and do not completely disagree with online agents before I get attacked – the reduction in fees due to choice for customers is good for the consumer BUT did RM need to squeeze even more from us at this time? I am sure I will be giving RM notice shortly and don’t believe their statement that fees are higher for new customers – I have an email stating I save £10 per month! I wasted an hour of my life on the line to RM whilst they let me explain the full in depth reason I needed a reduction in their costs only to be told the very next day that my fees would be increasing! They treat us like assume clients who have not got the balls to leave.


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