Rightmove confirms launch of webinars for agents

Online webinars have been launched by Rightmove after an overwhelmingly successful trial in which 3,500 signed up for the 30-minute slots.

Yesterday the portal insisted that its new webinars for agents do not necessarily carry a Rightmove sales message, but offer generic advice helpful to agents.

Rightmove has been trialling the webinars over the past few months, and said that demand from agents “massively” exceeded expectations.

The webinars are live, online training events designed to help give agents ideas and advice on a number of topics, including how to gain a competitive edge locally.

At the end of each session, agents can take part in an interactive question and answer session with Rightmove experts.

Rightmove director Miles Shipside said: “We’ve created the new webinars to offer agents a chance to attend training sessions without having to leave their office, to complement the regional seminars we run.

“Since we started offering them to all of our members we’ve been inundated with sign-ups, and now that they’re a permanent addition we hope to have the same level of interest from both new joiners and established agents.

“We hope many companies and individuals within the industry will take advantage of the opportunity to further enhance skill and service levels.

“While some of the content is more specific in how to use Rightmove to maximum effect, agents will also find a good balance of general advice and skill training to cover all aspects of a topic.

“It’s part of your Rightmove membership package and therefore most of the property industry has the opportunity to benefit from this new and increasingly comprehensive training initiative.”

The regular webinars that customers can currently sign up to are below. However, Rightmove says it will also be running themed months with additional topics.

The ultimate listing: Simple advice for new joiners or new members of staff to ensure the presentation of properties on Rightmove is top notch and why it’s so important.

Market share: Monitor, grow & win: A guide to make sure agents are getting the most out of  Rightmove Intel – showing agents how to identify what’s happening in their local market, and how to use the data to gain the competitive edge.

Win, retain, gain: How agents can better understand their listing enhancements on Rightmove and listen to examples of how agents have used them to win and retain instructions, and to gain revenue streams.

Effective marketing: Using consumer research this webinar identifies and highlights home-hunting behaviours and trends, including how to target marketing at specific audiences and which messages resonate best with them.

Mastering lead reporting tools: Helping agents maximise the opportunity within their existing leads, with a particular focus on email and telephone lead reports.

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  1. propertyplayer

    How do i find them? Can’t see them on site?

    1. cybelex

      Hi, you can find them here: http://hub.rightmove.co.uk/ 🙂

  2. wardy

    Ohhhh, looking forward to the ”themed months with additional topics.”

    The ultimate listing:  Buy premium listings.

    Market share: Monitor, grow & win: Buy banners

    Win, retain, gain; Buy valuation leads

    Effective marketing; Continue to to buy premium listings

    Mastering lead reporting tools: How to let rightmove manage your office for you and get you to buy things.




    1. Robert May

      Comment of the week!

      1. wardy

        Doh!  Too many typos for comment of the week

        1. Robert May

          A double ‘to’  and a small r on Rightmove? Wardy thats makes you a Zen master in my book. I aspire to that level.


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