Rightmove claims new records for activity on Boxing Day

A record number of new sellers put their property up for sale on Rightmove on Boxing Day, a 46% jump on the previous year, claims Rightmove.

The property portal says that prospective sellers also got ready for a New Year move, with the number of people contacting estate agents to value their home between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day the highest number recorded in a week since early September, and 29% higher than the same period in 2021.

The number of views of homes for sale on Rightmove jumped by 20% between the week of Christmas (w/c 19th December) and Boxing Day week (w/c 26th), as prospective buyers considered the new choice available, according to Rightmove’s Tim Bannister.

He said: “Boxing Day is traditionally the start of activity ramping up into January and the spring selling season after Christmas, as people return to their search or consider a New Year move. We’ve seen some promising activity and familiar patterns over the festive period this year, which are good signs for the year ahead.

“While we expect a calmer market this year than we’ve had since the pandemic started, the record number of sellers who chose to come to market this Boxing Day indicates there is a group of motivated sellers ready to move, who perhaps held back and now feel more confident. After such frenetic market conditions over the last few years, this year’s calmer market will better suit measured movers who prefer to take their time to find the right property.

“The jump in number of views of properties for sale pre and post-Christmas is another good sign that the new choice available is getting a lot of attention from future buyers. After a pause for the festivities, those wanting to buy this year will be ready to get back to their plans and assess where they’d like to live and what they can afford. Those sellers who got a head start and have their home already up for sale will now be benefitting from the jump in viewings over the next few weeks, as people settle back into their usual routines.”


OPINION: Boxing Day nonsense



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  1. Slugmum1

    The only reason this boxing day nonsense came about several years ago is because Senior Management at a certain large corporate agency needed to find something for the branch staff to do in December when it is usually quieter (yes, I was one of the branch staff at the time). They clearly wanted to minimise the amount of time wasted by branch staff sat playing with their smart phones in full view of customers when its dark outside.


    Then the boxing day fad was born.


    And of course Rightmove are going to publish figures which support their largest agencies/payers aka the corporate machines.

  2. Ric

    To be fair, I was astonished to learn from my stats over the Festive Period… everyone of my occupied properties had a viewing around midnight on Christmas Eve.

    The team are struggling to get feedback, which is annoying, but I will let you know if “Mr C” offers.

  3. Bless You

    Enough fake stats. Rightmove need to drop price by 50% so agents can get through this tory sh#t show. Or, they need to charge per property! £25 a property be about right.  
    Now onthemarket have proven themselves to be useless. Shouldn’t we all switch to zoopla? 
    Buyers go where the property is. SWITCH NOW. 

  4. If Carlsberg made Estate Agents…

    I just wish they’d break it down, 1, 2, 3, 4 beds etc, sales or lettings? Far more interesting!!

  5. HIT MAN

    And the key words are ‘Rightmove Claims’! what nonsense however, the subscribers will continue to support this shower and believe the rubbish they read in their own little brainwashed world. Oh and how much are the fees going to rise this year?? Suckers!!!


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