Rightmove asks agents ‘What do you think of us – and the other portals?’

Rightmove has launched a survey, asking its customers to tell it what they think about it and probing their thoughts about other portals.

The emailed survey asks about usage of Rightmove, OnTheMarket and Zoopla.

It includes a ‘slider’ which can be moved to show how respondents feel about Rightmove, and asks users why they feel that way about the portal.

Similar sliders ask about Zoopla and OTM.

Respondents are asked to rate Rightmove on a number of points, for example its ability to help agents achieve their business objectives; its pricing structure; its leads; whether it is value for money; and customer support.

Respondents are asked to rate the other two portals’ services and pricing in the same way.

It also asks about account management support by all three portals; and how confident agents are about both the growth of the UK economy, and the property market over the next year.

It is not known whether Rightmove will be sharing the results of the survey, which is being undertaken in conjunction with Cog Research.

One agent who received the survey said: “It’s tin hat time for Rightmove.”


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  1. Eyereaderturnedposter12

    It’ll be a busy run-up to Christmas for Rightmove’s censorship department…

    1. GPL

      Yes, headed up by Mr George Orwell.
      It’s Orwellian that they seek to control my Customer Contact information whereby anyone visiting Rightmove’s website find it harder to contact me as my “Contact Information” has been censored by Rightmove.
      Yet another reason for Agents to dislike Rightmove!    

  2. Naysayer

    It’s overpriced and becoming less necessary. That’s all.

  3. Jonathan.Welford

    Can of worms time, or Box Of Delights… I’m thinking the former.

  4. Jrsteeve

    Served notice last week. Bye bye RM!

  5. NewsBoy

    It’s a bit like the inland revenue asking if you are happy paying 99% tax on your turnover. What the hell do they expect. I have also given up on Wrongmove and am managing very well thank you.

  6. Tarkers71

    No doubt a few keyboards will be damaged in the process of completing this.   Bet they don’t have the guts to publish the results and say what they are going to do about it.   The arrogant approach to price increases is proper bully boy tactics.

  7. Bless You

    Zoopla and onthemarket combi should always have been the plan.
    Trying to kill zoopla was a mistake.  
    Zoopla is 10x better then rightmove for land registry data as well.
    I go to zoopla for my valuation prices and rightmove to see what is on the market.

  8. Woodentop

    My answers would be censored.

  9. J1

    A firm that laughs in the face of its overpaying clients.

    That offers no face time except to its biggest customers who it schmoozes with overseas joillies

    A platform that is out of date and allows its agent clients to cheat and produce graphs that allow them to cheat even more.

    A platform that doesn’t embrace new marketing techniques and over charges for extras that are irrelevant.

    A board of smiling assassin directors who are just taking the money.

    Just a few starters for ten.



  10. Stuartb

    Pointless replying to RM… what’s in it for us… nothing !

  11. Gloucester_Agent

    More chance we’ll catch a glimpse of Lord Lucan than see the survey results.

    1. Woodentop

      I thought he was living in Cheltenham.

      1. GPL

        Running “Lucan to Move” Estate Agents in Guatemala perhaps?

        1. Eyereaderturnedposter12

          I think he was “Lucan” at other options (?)…

  12. GPL

    So, we complete a “Controlled” Survey issued by Rightmove, thereafter Rightmove hope to salvage some positives from it to spin?
    What about just 2 Questions…..
    Do you Love or Hate Rightmove.
    Please state your reasons “Why”.
    At least Agents could give truthful/real world Answers instead of contained/controlled Answers.
    What was that Hollywood Film line …..”you can’t handle the truth!”
    Sadly, nothing truthful will come from it…. because Rightmove have commissioned it      

    1. Woodentop

      No-one will be convinced they don’t already know the answers to their own questions and sceptical this is nothing more than a stunt to produce a positive PR campaign for the new year.
      If they don’t know what their customers think of them, what planet are they living on and just goes to show how inept senior management is with its customers.

  13. Philip Norgan

    I wonder if they will contact ALL those agents who have left, so they get an honest and constructive response?

  14. KC54

    Answer the survey as you would place comments here – they are asking for honest views, so give them!!  We left RM 10 months ago and it has made no difference to business.  We have noticed OTM inquiries surging with many more coming via Face Book Market Place.  The portals days are numbered unless they adapt, in the same way that our days are numbered unless we adapt!


    1. JordanBrooks88

      Just out of interest, are you advertising directly on FB Marketplace or are your leads coming from OTM listing all your properties on there? We have started dabbling with Marketplace without much luck. It just seems to be full of private landlords and the enquiries we have had have been poor quality.

  15. Woodentop

    Meanwhile that other web business PB had its shares drop to below £1 yesterday and is only just hovering above today. Does the city know something that is forthcoming in the soon to be PB announcement in a weeks time?

  16. ARC

    ****BREAKING NEWS****

    Turkeys across the UK are being asked how they feel about the forthcoming festivities.

    1. J1

      Laughed out loud at that one.

      1. ARC

        Thank you my work here is done!

  17. surrey1

    I didn’t get it, but then I have just served notice to leave 🙂

  18. ArthurU

    As a service provider to the industry, I have just been made privvy to the latest Beta offering update to the Rummage4properties site and all I can say is WOW! What took me 3 minutes on Rightmove, without getting a result I asked for, took me less that 15 seconds on the new search update for Rummage4. Powerful stuff and its this type of innovation that will ensure that Rightmove pay for their lethargic approach to improving the journey, whilst charging top dollar for the pleasure. Well done Robert May, keep up the pressure….

    1. Property Pundit

      No guesses as to where the thumbs down came from (he must have read above about PB share price being below £1).

  19. HIT MAN

    Lots of Re-moaning remainers, everyone is talking about Rightmove, how much they charge, ever increasing rates, rubbish leads, stealing your data, no reps and nothing good to say..

    I left 3 months ago and have saved £4,500 so far, lost 2 properties to an agent that uses RM and guess what they have now come back to me because their new agent couldn’t sell their properties and they like us better.

    Everyone talking but not many walking…. Suckers!

    SOS……   RMEXIT,

  20. padymagic

    just opening a box or calendars from RM this morning.

    I guess only time will tell

    1. PeeBee

      Will it be a case of another year…another #calendargate?  


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