Rightmove are making redundancies – but not as many as some may have thought

Speculation that Rightmove is making swathes of its staff redundant have proved false.

A Rightmove spokeperson told EYE yesterday:

“A couple of teams are going through a restructure which will result in just under ten redundancies.

“The changes are reflective of the need to adapt some roles in the teams to continue supporting our customers and innovating for the future.

“We’re working closely with those affected to help them with the next step of their career and we’d like to thank them for all of their hard work over the years.”

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  1. frostieclaret87

    Making people redundant whilst still making millions smacks of poor management.

    1. That70sGuy

      Sounds like the Purplebricks way after making people redundant 2 days after bragging on their Workplace leadership meeting that they have sixty something million in the bank

  2. Paulnight12

    Or good management….

  3. Ostrich17

    Also RM announce new FD appointment –

    “Her base salary is £390,000, with a pro-rata 2020 bonus opportunity of up to 175% of salary (60% of which will be in deferred shares) and a pro-rata performance share award of up to 175% of salary”


    If she is going to hit those bonus targets, expect more 10% plus annual fee increases !

  4. BrianPalmer

    How many staff do RM employ?
    I’m imagining not that many, as there’s not a lot to do…

    The EA’s themselves upload all the properties, so maybe just a few IT guys to keep the portal spinning, a few marketing staff to promote the brand, a few regional managers (but not many – I believe just one guy covers the whole of Scotland for example).

    1. Ostrich17

      They have approx. 600 employees.

  5. Property Pundit

    No news yet on whether they will be repaying furlough cash back, guess that’s coming in Friday’s statement.


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