RICS permanently closes most UK regional offices

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has taken the decision to permanently close most of its UK regional offices.

A statement posted on the FAQ section of the RICS website reads:

“Taking into account compliance with local government guidelines around COVID-19, our own corporate guidance and feedback from RICS staff, we have decided to extend our period of remote working for most global offices until the end of September.

“With the exception of London, Birmingham and Edinburgh, we will be closing all our other UK offices permanently.

“We have made this decision after considering that the nature of those offices does not give us the type of space we will need for the new future of work.

“We will continue to deliver our programme of engagement through a digital-first approach.”

It is understood that staff who were working in those offices are now home-based.

Property Week reported that RICS UK Managing Director Matthew Howell commented:

“The nature of these smaller offices does not give us the type of space we will need for the new future of work.

“This will not affect the ability of our team to fully support our professionals.”

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  1. James Wilson

    Whatever will we do ….

  2. SoldPal90

    Colleagues tell me they are really good at identifying  membership non-compliance and issuing fines these days;

    They’ve watched members earnings fall (panel fees) but then spout that there’s a shortage of youngsters coming through the ranks.

    – They’ll be diluting entry requirements for RICS membership next – Oh hang on.

    Another ‘ club that needs sorting.





  3. David Robinson

    This is about cost cutting – which is a concern.


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