Review site allAgents blames ‘technical issue’ for disappearance of supplier’s page

Review site allAgents has totally rejected any suggestion that industry software supplier Reapit’s page was taken down from its site in any untoward circumstance. Instead, it says there was a ‘technical issue’.

Yesterday, allAgents suspended the Purplebricks’ account, saying this was unprecedented.

However, Dan Hare of Reapit posted up a comment on EYE which said: “allAgents absolutely has suspended accounts before. The Reapit review page was removed without explanation and our enquiries with allAgents as to why were answered with an offer to reinstate the page if we were to  provide allAgents with access to clients’ feeds – something we would never do without clients’ consent.”

We put this claim to allAgents, and Martin McKenzie told EYE: “We did have a technical issue with Reapit but that was not related to reviews.”

We also asked Reapit for more information.

Hare told us: “The Reapit review page disappeared from allAgents a couple of months ago. We had lots of very positive reviews on there and if you Google “allAgents Reapit” you can still see cached results in Google’s index, but the account and page was deleted.”

However, when EYE looked, the page was live, showing 50 reviews – the last in May this year – with Reapit scoring a perfect 5 out of 5 in ratings from estate agent customers.

Reapit’s Simon Whale said that yesterday’s return of the account was a miracle, and Hare echoed the sentiment.

He told  us: “Miraculous… I tried that URL just before commenting and it was not working – hasn’t been for months.”

Hare also released to EYE an email sent earlier to allAgents about the removal of the reviews page.

It said: “I don’t think we provide global feeds for anyone. Our customers have ultimate control of their own data and would need to opt to send their customer data to you. To do otherwise is technically illegal.

“The inference in your email that the complete removal of our reviews page would be solved through … us … providing data on a wholesale basis is extremely sinister. I do hope that you can see fit to reinstate the Reapit review page as would simply be right and proper.”

We asked allAgents if it was correct that the Reapit page only returned yesterday.

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  1. smile please

    Oh dear things look worse and worse for these parasites.

    Have you ever tried to call them? It’s a mobile number to a Scottish fella sounds like he is at home watching the TV.

    As somebody said yesterday “Where can you review the review sites?”

    1. cyberduck46


      12 reviews, rated “poor”



      1. Bless You

        Looking at share chats it seems investors are getting wise to pB practices…saying things like ‘in america if you try and scare people they will eat you for dinner”  = 3% drop in share price.

  2. Andrew Overman

    Miracles do happen then Whaley!

    1. Whaley

      I know Andy, keep believing …Wenger might still end up going !

  3. Curious george

    Our agency got a 4 star review, it should have been 5….. this story should make Breaking news later 🙂


  4. dompritch134

    Interesting article in the Australian with comments from Micheal Bruce


    Speaking to The Australian Financial Review from Los Angeles, following the launch of Purplebricks in the USA, co-founder and chief executive Michael Bruce said more than 50 per cent of the reviews on AllAgents were found to be fake “or could not be justified”.

    1. PeeBee

      “…co-founder and chief executive Michael Bruce said more than 50 per cent of the reviews on AllAgents were found to be fake “or could not be justified”.”

      That’s a far lesser percentage than those on Trustpilot, then…

    2. Property Pundit

      more than 50 per cent of the reviews on AllAgents were found to be fake “or could not be justified”.


      By whom exactly?

      1. DonShore93

        Under CMA rules a review stands unless there is proof positive it is ‘fake’ – the onus is on the business to prove the review is fake, not upon the reviewer to prove their bona-fides.

        1. AgentV

          So do AllAgents now have a reason for legal recourse against those that have accused them of having ‘fake reviews’?

    3. Bless You

      This is the FAKE inventors making up FAKE information about FAKE reviews….   I am Faked out.

    4. PeeBee


      I read with interest on Twitter via a Reuters journalist a comment attributed to a Purplebricks spokesperson that stated

      “Following an audit of reviews on Allagents, 29% appeared to be fake whilst a further 23% lacked sufficient detail to authenticate.”

      Note the phrase used – “…appeared to be fake…”, Sir.

      Not “WERE” fake…

      Not “ARE” fake…

      They chuffin’ APPEARED to be fake.

      Now that’s cleared up – what’s your #fanboy argument gonna be based upon now?

      Mr Ratner would cringe – at least his was an honest gaffe.

  5. Whaley

    Believe me. It’s the tip of the iceberg with these.

    Really looking for a review website to step up to the plate and gain both the industry’s trust and the consumer.

    The ones at the moment either seem incompetent, wracked with self interest or irrelevant. Some hit the magical combination of all three.

    It really shouldn’t be an impossible task and I’m watching with interest Feefo’s progress.

    1. AgentV

      How much does Feefo cost?

      1. DonShore93

        They’re giving it away – and that, in itself, speaks volumes. I’d suggest anyone looking at a reviews site first asks to see concrete results for a similar business – and by ‘concrete’ results I mean an impact on the business’s bottom line.

        I suggest there’s only one viable place for reviews going forwards, and that’s Google.

        1. Whaley

          The problem with Google is that you can still leave a bad review even if you haven’t been a client which opens it up to competitor abuse

      2. fluter

        Email me Agent V. I think you have my address, if not let me know.

        1. AgentV

          Hi fluter,

          Sorry I may have, but can’t put my hands on it immediately…..but you can email me at   …if thats ok thanks.

    2. fluter

      We’ve been using Feefo for about 6 months. Still hard to get some clients to complete but so far so good.


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