Revealed: The most popular keywords buyers want to see in Rightmove listings

Garages, gardens and swimming pools are the most popular features users are adding to searches on Rightmove’s newly launched keyword sort tool.

The portal added a keyword feature to search results at the end of May, letting users see listings with specific features they may favour.

Rightmove then puts the most relevant listings at the top of the page based on the keywords and other search terms, but also includes other listings in the results so potential buyers don’t miss out on properties.

In the first two months of operation, the most popular search term has been garage, with garden and swimming pool ranked second and third.

Homes with a sea view is ranked fourth, while detached properties are the fifth most popular keyword.

Rightmove said: “Rightmove’s new keyword sort feature has been designed to help home hunters who have a wish-list of one or more features, anything from a sea view or a swimming pool to a Victorian house or a garden.

“The feature on the search pages allows users to choose one or more keywords and the results are then prioritised with those properties matching their keywords placed at the top of the search results.”

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One Comment

  1. Penguin

    How many of those searching can actually afford to run a swimming pool, let alone afford to buy a property that has one?

    This just reinforces my belief that a lot of the people ‘swimming about’ (pun intended) on Rightmove are property tourists, not potential customers.


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