Renters (Reform) Bill: What will remain and what will change?

David Smith

Still no second reading of the Renters (Reform) Bill – but what will remain and what will change? Fixflo will host a webinar on 27 September that will explore the ins and outs and give people a chance to ask an expert, David Smith, Partner, JMW what he sees on the horizon.

The free webinar, The Renters (Reform) Bill: The second reading: Expectations and outcomes, will take place on 27 September at 11am.

The webinar will aim to address key proposals, including:

+ assured tenancies: How they affect agents

+ rent increases: Regulations, appeals, and tribunals

+ evictions: The end of Section 21 and changes to grounds for possession.

Fixflo’s head of sales, Will Arrowsmith, said: “The Renters (Reform) Bill has been on everyone’s mind for some time now. David’s expertise is invaluable for gaining a better understanding of how the bill could change the day-to-day efforts and long-term planning of UK property managers. This webinar will see a lot of important questions answered.”

Register here for the webinar.



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  1. Woodentop

    Or put another way, scare the hell out of landlords and agents on a bill that may never become law and detail has still to be agreed. Why not wait till then!

  2. paul.bartlett33

    Surely at this stage of the bill there is still time to explain the probable outcome of specific changes and amend for a more balanced outcome that doesn’t accelerate the exodus of landlords who have been kindly supporting government that failed to build or better manage demand?
    Write to your MP according!


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