Redundancy process under way at Reapit

EYE has learned that a redundancy process has begun at Reapit – the end-to-end business technology provider for estate agencies.

A well-connected source has told EYE that the company has been forced to make some very difficult decisions to ensure the continued strength of business in these challenging economic times.

We understand that Reapit is making at least half of its software sales team redundant, although it is not yet clear if any further job cuts are planned, and how this affects the wider business.

EYE approached Reapit for a statement, but the company refused to comment specifically on the news that staff are at now at risk of redundancy.

Mark Armstrong, Group CEO, was instead keen to highlight the fact that the number of staff members employed by Reapit increased last year, while there are currently job vacancies – in other areas of the business – available.

Armstrong told EYE: “We do not comment on the details of organisation structure or design. However, we can confirm that despite the uncertain economic conditions we recruited 65 new people during 2022 and have five roles currently open on . We are continuing to grow our workforce and invest in our products and services to better serve our customers and the market.”


Reapit make changes to senior management team structure



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  1. Neil Robinson

    Very sad for the team at Reapit. Redundancies are never nice to have to swallow, and I hope they can get sorted out one way or another.

    It’s not unexpected though. I was working in software myself back in 2015/16 or so, and was involved in getting agents transferred over from legacy, desktop based systems over to the, new at the time – and very good, cloud product. The selling point was that agents would no longer need to purchase new systems every few years, as with a cloud system, the agent will always be in possession of the latest version, which was discussed at length in a meeting we were having.

    I asked the question about whether we, as salesmen, now had a shelf-life, as such. If cloud is the ultimate solution, and no one needs to upgrade again, ever, simply where do we go from here? The question was answered of course, but also not answered, if you know what I mean.

    Sadly this, and now the fact that demos can be done over Zoom, rather than by travelling salesmen, evidently means that software houses simply don’t need as many salespeople.

  2. thelettingsman84

    Might also be to do with the fact that Reapit is absolutely horrendous. Great front end system, but back end is truly awful. I was part of TPFG and we had to move over to Reapit and the reconciling/landlord payments etc majorly screwed up. Reapit support was non-existent. Reapit has had it’s day long ago.

    1. Robert_May

      If you have been used to CFPwinMan ADB or SDB the training and support that went with it you will not find a comparable system; the domain knowledge and understanding to build  a CCA system to ICAEW standards is now non existent within the industry.


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