Reapit appoints Mark Armstrong as CEO

Mark Armstrong has been named new chief executive officer of Reapit, effective from Monday 4th January 2021. Interim CEO, Adrian Gill, stays with Reapit in an advisory role.

Armstrong brings more than 30 years of experience in the enterprise IT industry to Reapit, having worked in senior leadership roles in diverse sectors including enterprise application support, application development, software-as-a-service and business process management.

Before joining Reapit, Armstrong was the group vice-president and general manager EMEA at Rimini Street. Prior to that he held positions as the managing director and vice-president of international operations EMEA & APAC at Progress, as well as sales and marketing director at LexisNexis Visualfiles.

Mark Armstrong

Armstrong commented: “Reapit is a strong business and a respected, well-known brand name in the PropTech sphere, and I am looking forward to working with everyone on the team to continue delivering feature-rich, innovative estate agency CRM solutions for agents across the UK and internationally.”

Armstrong’s industry knowledge will be bolstered by the continued presence of estate agency veteran, Adrian Gill.

Park Durrett, managing director of Accel-KKR and a member of Reapit’s board of directors, commented: “Following an extensive search for a new CEO, conducted between Accel-KKR and the Reapit Board, we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Armstrong as CEO.

“Mark’s accomplished background in software and technology services makes him an ideal candidate to take over the CEO position at Reapit.”

Durrett added: “The board has the utmost confidence in Mark and the Reapit team to continue delivering on strong operational performance. Since our investment in Reapit, the team has more than doubled the size of the business, expanded internationally, and launched major industry innovations. We look forward to working with Mark to help Reapit continue to grow.”

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  1. Whaley

    Best of luck Mark, take care of my little baby!

  2. smile please

    Everything i hear he will need all the lucky in the world.

    Issues with on boarding clients, does not work on mac os and innovation a thing of the past.

    1. Robert_May

      Not luck Smile; experience.  Serving this industry at such a high level is almost a contradiction, the CEOs, MDs, partners and bosses of the property industry  aren’t- with only a few exceptions, like the bosses of other sectors.  They have risen through the ranks of their firms at the same time as the software firm bosses have risen through theirs and  have a close relationship with people like Simon, Gary, Trevor, Geoff, Mike, Les, Cliff, Ian, Peter….

      Coming into that is hard and particularly at Reapit because it’s a system that so many firms rely on. Mark will have his challenges but his CV shows he’s qualified enough to know what he’s taking on.

      I wish him  every success and  I’m happy to offer what support I can in helping Mark understand  what a contrary bunch you lot can be at times.

      1. YourBestFriend

        Friday cheers to you Sir Robert, ching ching..

  3. George Stead

    Since the sale of Reapit to the Americans I have been sorely tempted on many occasions to make comments but having read some inaccurate and frankly stupid comments I break my silence to say Luck has nothing to do with running a Company. A software company like Reapit has many employee ‘Prima Donna’s and it is skill and experience that is needed to manage such a Company. Whalley is one of the best and  brilliant sales man but he needed managing as he wasn’t everybody’s ‘Cup of Tea’ and so it goes on

    My advice to the new CEO is be very careful of the Americans

    George Stead

    1. Robert_May

      I have previously said it was someone’s genius to let Simon be Simon. He communicates and still does at agent level.


      This time last year REAPIT  had the world at their feet and with Gary going that changed but to my mind Adrian Gill has  been a good  caretaker and  AKKR has chosen well. They certainly didn’t pay too much, any attention to the people who  reckoned they could smash it out of the park.

      As others have found out it is the Americans who have to be mindful of agents!





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