Quarter of tenants admit to paying rent late

Tenants are routinely misbehaving, with over a quarter admitting to paying their rent late.

Research among 2,000 adults by insurance company AXA found that almost 60% of tenants admit to breaking the terms of their rental agreement.

  • 26% of tenants pay their rent late
  • One in ten admit to having done a moonlight flit to avoid paying the landlord money
  • 18% have kept pets in the property without the landlord’s permission
  • 15% have received complaints from neighbours for excessive noise
  • 8% have sub-let to someone else without the landlord’s permission
  • 8% admit to having committed a crime – for example, drug-related – on the landlord’s premises
  • 10% say that police have been called to their property

AXA says the findings are of concern because separate research it carried out last October also shows that 38% of landlords do no checks at all on their tenants and one-third never visit their properties during a rental.

The firm says the riskiest tenants are males aged between 18 and 24, paying £700 to £1,500 rent per month, and located in the west midlands.


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  1. CLG

    Someone should send this information to Alex Hilton.

    He enjoys bashing our industry so it'd be nice to see what his reaction is to being told that people who rent privately are actually about as saintly as the industry he loves to hate.

  2. marcH

    …and all Generation Rant and those lefties at Shelter can go on about is all those wicked landlords and agents …

  3. MF

    I wonder if those 'naughty' tenants listed above would get the full backing of Shelter and the likes, if they asked….


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