Purplebricks partners with Alexa so that customers can ask how it’s all going

Purplebricks has teamed up with Amazon Alexa so that customers can use voice assistance to receive updates on the sale of their home.

For example, they can ask: “What viewings do I have today?”; “How is my property performing?”;  “What new messages do I have?”

Purplebricks said it has developed this technology in response to feedback around how customers prefer to receive updates about their property.

In a recent customer survey of over 2,000 Purplebricks customers, almost half (48%) said they wanted to receive updates about their house sale either once or a few times a day.

Almost 60% (59%) of people said they would prefer to receive electronic updates about the sale of their home via an app or other device.

Customers will now be able to receive real time updates on their house sale, with a simple voice command.

Vic Darvey, Purplebricks CEO, said: “Most areas of our lives are already digitised – at the touch of a button we can check our bank balance, book a taxi and order groceries. Yet when it comes to the property market, many things rely on manual processes and outdated technology.

“Through our app and now with a voice command to Alexa, homeowners have a transparent and convenient process, and can receive an update in seconds.

“Our Local Property Experts are still there every step of the way too, with this technology helping to reduce admin and giving our experts more time to support customers in other ways.”


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  1. surrey1

    Alexa, how is my sale progressing? I’m sorry, I don’t understand

  2. Hillofwad71

    Moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic .Is that the best Vic can do?

    I am sure Buggins & ,Quillpen  will be providing Alexa with  real time updates in how a contract  is progressing


    Alexa she sounds like one of  “Mr Rutley’s”  glamorous  East European assistants on Twitter



    1. Agent G

      Same old negative comments zzzz

      Do you realise you’ll still be making these in another five years?

      1. Hillofwad71

        The tech is only as good as the data  inputted so its reliant  on third parties  to keep it updated.That;s where it all falls down


        Classic example, Bricks have just listed  this  as just added today on Zoopla .  Putting aside the fact that its anything but as the photo  has  still ll got the old board logo which means its been on at least a year

        Should imagine this relisting  process is all systemised  if  they are going to tell a porky at least get  the photo changed





      2. Property Pundit

        Err, not about this outfit we won’t.

  3. spin2009

    I have it on good authority that the newly discovered telephone apparatus that allows you to speak live and directly to a client to update them on their sale will be introduced in December 2030.

    I understand that a mobile version of this game changing technology is also on the cards for the future.

    All those gadgets we initially saw on Star Trek are finally becoming a reality.

    Isn’t progress a wonderful thing!

    1. Bless You

      Tech has gone crazy.
      Instead of email. We can now actually hear real people over a telephone!!!

      1. Woodentop

        Actually for some time now I have email that talks to me. I can listen to it while I am doing other jobs. Who said men can’t do two jobs at once!

  4. jeremy1960

    So now, rather than chasing a local (?) Expert or an online out of area conveyancing sausage factory, you can ask an inanimate object connected to the Internet to give you what? If the front line cannot update their customers, how are they going to update a 3rd party?

  5. Sdaltaf101

    Pure genius from a forward thinking innovative business model.

    The future is bright and the colour is Purple.


    Have you checked the fax machine and listened to the answer machine said the agent.

    1. AgencyInsider

      In a recent customer survey of over 2,000 Purplebricks customers, almost half (48%) said they wanted to receive updates about their house sale either once or a few times a day.

      Of course they did.

      Was there a supplementary question asking if they wanted those updates to be meaningful and useful and helpful to getting the house sale through?

      No, thought not.

    2. Woodentop

      Its not bright with share price that you were bragging about. On the way down all day today and hovering over £1 threshold.

    3. Property Pundit


  6. honestpropertysolutions


  7. GeorgeOrwell

    Alexa? Find me a “real” estate agent.        

  8. PeeBee

    “Alexa… are Purplebricks any good?”


    “Computer says no!!”

  9. The Future Is Tech

    Pointless expense driven by Vic Darvey who is sacking off the senior territory owners at the moment.

    Every Purplebricks customer has to have an email address and account, most I would imagine has a mobile too, why on earth would you need a facility like this when that information is already available quickly on the app

    Hows the £25 per head do your own christmas parties working out this year Vic? Not even a year end celebration for the ones who put food on your table.

  10. Woodentop

    Lol. I can’t wait to hear the transcripts with certain place names, technical jargon etc or will it say “in progress”.

  11. Property Pundit

    Sad thing is, there will be some agents reading this and thinking, ‘Yeah, we really need to do this too, it will give us an advantage over the competition’.

  12. J1

    Pay anyway customer  ” Alexa; how many times do Purpledoods actually speak to me after a sale is agreed, in order to help me move home ”

    Alexa   “” I am sorry, I don’t respond to bad language “”

  13. padymagic

    I think PB should also have a SATNAV with MR T voice.


    FOOL !!!


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