Protesters arrested during demonstration outside letting agency

Two protesters were arrested following a demonstration outside of Ryeview Homes in High Wycombe town centre.

Members from the union ACORN held a demonstration outside of Ryeview Homes’s office on Crendon Street after a family were evicted from a property located nearby.

Thames Valley Police were called after the protesters attempted to gain entrance to the agency’s office.

Officers arrested a man, aged 21, on suspicion of criminal damage. He has since been released under investigation.

A woman, aged 27, was also arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and bailed.

In a post shared on Twitter, ACORN Oxford wrote: “Our members stood outside @ryeviewhomes in support of Carla and Alex, whose family have been suffering with a rat infestation, multiple hazards and a Section 21.

“Our members were there within their legal rights to form a 15 person support group, as outlined in government Coronavirus legislation. The demonstration was socially distanced, outside, and entirely peaceful.

“Amjd Choudhry, our members’ letting agent, and Ryeview Homes were too cowardly to face the family and the suffering they have caused.

“Rather than listen, they called the police on the ridiculous grounds that someone tapping on the window constitutes ‘criminal damage’

“Instead of supporting tenants standing up for their rights, the police decided to arrest two of our members for no reason. They stopped and searched our members, before detaining them without evidence or charge.

“Our members have acted legally and responsibly to protect an ACORN member and her family, standing up against injustice.

“The police are protecting the interests of the powerful: trying to intimidate ordinary people standing up for our right to safe, decent housing.

“RT and show RyeView Agents and Thames Valley Police that we will not be silenced!”


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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    This is sickening and I’ve read about several more “attacks” on agents on the last few months.


    Some of these attacks are simple protests whereas others are much more sinister and include negative reviews.

  2. JamesB

    Hopefully these morons might think twice about the next protest … maybe if they focused their energy on getting a job instead of standing like idiots with boards they won’t be tenants much longer

    1. Will2

      But brother our union says we are living in a police state.

  3. MK James

    This is the very reason we are losing our Section 21 – rogue landlord with a scummy house offers no repairs to legit tenants who when they voice concerns – they are booted out – shame on the agents and the LL should be fined !


    1. Will2

      Why did the tenants not go to Environmental Health if the agent or landlord was not responsive? They have plenty of powers to deal with matters.  I think you will find s21 is going as the Conservative party try to buy tenant votes as Thatcher did with the Right to Buy. Fact is only the agent and tenant will know the truth.

    2. JamesB

      Mk james, Clueless.  S21 is going for purely political reasons .. the country could be full of model landlords and it would still go.  Politicians think generation rent votes keep them in power so will do anything to appease them

  4. RosBeck73

    I always wonder at the desperation to remain in a home that is allegedly so bad. Why would they want to live in a rat-infested house? What is the cause of the rat infestation? What are the hazards? If they are dangerous why stay? How long did the eviction process take – presumably over 6 months and more likely more than a year? Why didn’t ACORN help the tenants find somewhere else to live? Were there rent arrears? And so on…

    1. JamesB

      Correct one thing safe to presume there is always more to it .. landlords never evict a good tenant .. 

  5. Russell121

    If there was a court ordered eviction even in the face of a resolute defence on behalf of the tenants, then it must have been justified and procedures followed. 

  6. Tegs Dad

    Word of warning: On Letting Agent today someone is tracking down posters who comment against Acorn and calling their employers.


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