Propertymark claims vendors 115% more likely to sell in April

With demand continuing to heavily outweigh supply now is a good time for vendors to consider selling their property, a new study shows.

According to data gathered from agents, properties brought onto the market in April this year were 115% more likely to sell than they were in the same month from 2012-2021.

Propertymark, which carried out the research, the average number of properties for sale per member branch in April was 20. With very little movement in the number of properties available for purchase over the last year, numbers remain low compared to the long-run average for April of 42 (based on 2012-2021 figures, excluding 2020).

Demand remained high in April with 39% of respondents telling the trade body that most sales in April were agreed above the original asking price. The average number of new potential buyers registering at each member branch remained high at 100.

There were nine sales agreed on average per member branch in April compared to the December low of only five. This figure is lower than the peak during the stamp duty holiday of 2020–21 in which we saw highs of 14 sales per branch in one month; however, it is in line with the long-term average for April of eight (based on 2012–21 figures, excluding 2020).

The average percentage of stock sold in April over the past 10 years is 20 per cent, meaning one in five would sell per month (average eight sold with 42 available).

In April this year the figure was 43%, or two in five, which is a 115% increase in sales given the level of stock. This only reveals further that demand remains high. Even as supply is historically low, actual sales agreed remains at the long-term average.

Propertymark CEO, Nathan Emerson, said: “With less properties available to buy, it wouldn’t be illogical to assume that estate agents would be witnessing less sales being agreed.

“However, the number of sales agreed remains steady when compared with long term trends and agents report that sellers were 115% more likely to sell their home in April. This is due to the desire to buy a home remaining strong, and although the heights of prices being achieved may well start to cool, this trend is unlikely to change by a great deal.”


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  1. Woodentop

    1970’s NEWS FLASH ….. Best time to sell your property is Spring time.

    1980’s NEWS FLASH ….. Best time to sell your property is Spring time.

    1990’s NEWS FLASH ….. Best time to sell your property is Spring time.

    2000’s NEWS FLASH ….. Best time to sell your property is Spring time.


    Someone’s a bit behind the news by at least 50 years, I’m impressed.


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