Portals challenger OneDome says it is generating 1.7 enquiries per minute to agents

There are almost half a million property listings on the latest challenger to the established property portals.

OneDome, which acquired Nethouseprices last year and launched its own free property portal last Feberuary, says there are now 480,000 listings across the two sites.

The two businesses are on track to integrate shortly.

Traffic is running at over 15m monthly visits, with OneDome claiming to generate roughly 1.7 property enquiries per minute to agents.

OneDome CEO Babek Ismayil said the business is offering an alternative to major portals and is now a player in the listings market.

OneDome launched its website contractually offering free listings for 100 years.

Ismayil said he is expecting more agents to join.

He also said that OneDome has become a listing partner with Facebook Marketplace.

Agents who provide OneDome with a direct feed of their listings will have them automatically listed on Facebook Marketplace, again at no charge.

Agents receive leads in the same way as they do from OneDome.

Ismayil said: “Our mission is to build the next generation property platform, which offers free listings and leads to the estate agency industry and provides them an opportunity to generate extra revenue.

“We will continue with our mission to make property marketing free for agents.”

He added: “We are very pleased to work with the Facebook Marketplace team as their listing partner.

“Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge for listings and has over 800m people using it globally. We see this as a great benefit to estate agents, particularly when the cost of marketing of properties is on the rise via other channels.”

OneDome has so far been focused on sales, enabling buyers and sellers to conduct an end to end property transaction online, including engaging with agents, mortgage brokers and conveyancers. They can also register the property title online.

OneDome has told agents that it is offering more than free listings – it will even pay for them in some circumstances.

New property portal launches promising agents no charges – and will even pay for listings


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  1. Keyser Söze

    This is a trojan horse and a threat to agents if they ever get any traction.

    Saying that they will be free forever is an attempt to blindside estate agents.

    Create an account on Onedome and have a look at their dashboard and the emails you get sent. This is a long term strategy of cutting estate agents out of the transaction.

    If Rightmove did this there would be uproar but because it’s free it’s okay?

    The best thing we can all do is request our properties to be removed immediately.

    1. OneDomeUK

      Hi Keyser Söze,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      We are simply trying to make it easier for home buyers and sellers to connect with you and other necessary stakeholders in a property transaction, online and in one place. You can add your trusted suppliers to OneDome to get transactions done quickly, simply, and securely. Some agents working with us are already earning over £3,000 a month doing this. 

      Cutting estate agents out of the transaction would be detrimental to our business and so it is the last thing we would ever do. We have more information about this on our website: https://www.onedome.com/business/estate-agents/ 

      We’d love to discuss this with you further and hope to hear from you soon! 

  2. forwardthinker

    We for one will be leaving One Dome.

    I just don’t get it. They are building a huge database intercepting enquiries. Apparently they offer an and end to end service which benefits them not the agents and their book a viewing widget, which they installed on our website does not integrate with individual diaries. This causes a lot of confusion with people trying to book appointments and reflects badly on the agency as people are clearly frustrated..

    We’re already giving notice. This model is for their own gain, not agents and those who use it continue to do so at their peril.

    Just another technological fad. How many more?

    1. OneDomeUK

      LINK REMOVED – PROPERTY INDUSTRY EYE TERMS & CONDITIONS #6. Users posting comments on the site may not post direct hyperlinks to other websites and especially may not do so by use of their username. Users may not use comments to promote a service or business.

      1. forwardthinker

        A ‘number’ of estate agency partners have made £3000 per month. ?

        And I don’t believe cutting out ‘partner’s is detrimental to any business if you have the control and ability to do it.

        I’ll be happier standing from a distance and seeing how this evolves. We gave it a try and it doesn’t work for us. Best wishes

    2. OneDomeUK

      Hi forwardthinker,


      We’re sorry that your experience with booking tools wasn’t ideal and we hope to welcome you back soon. 


      A number of our estate agency partners have made £3,000 per month through our tools and have benefitted by having better visibility on their sales pipelines. We’re working to improve our product everyday (largely based on agent feedback) and if you email us from our contact page, we’d love to hear more about your experience.


      Finally, cutting out estate agents would be detrimental to our business. Our goal is to empower all stakeholders in the transaction and ensure that agents have more completions and fewer fallthroughs. 

  3. Local Independent

    The volume of inquiries are duplicates and double ups from nethouseprices/facebook and one dome merges/feeds!

    1. OneDomeUK

      LINK REMOVED – PROPERTY INDUSTRY EYE TERMS & CONDITIONS #6. Users posting comments on the site may not post direct hyperlinks to other websites and especially may not do so by use of their username. Users may not use comments to promote a service or business.

  4. Property Pundit

    Said it before , the ‘housesimple’ of portals. Let’s see how things turn out for both of them.


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