Plan sets out vision for future of Propertymark

The board of Propertymark has set out its vision for the future in an attempt to appeal to agents once more.

A recent poll undertaken by EYE found that the majority of agents are in favour of changes to how Propertymark is run.

It was particularly interesting that a significant proportion of respondents to last month’s survey – 71.1% – are members but still find the organisation to be unfit for purpose.

Tim Balcon’s decision to resign from his position as CEO after only four months came just a few days after it was announced that NAEA President Kirsty Finney was stepping down from her role.

David Cox, now with Rightmove, unexpectedly left his post as ARLA chief executive last year, ex-NAEA chairman Christopher Hamer also exited at short notice in 2020, while former NAEA chief executive Mark Hayward recently postponed his retirement to take on a new role as Propertymark chief policy advisor.

Propertymark wants to repair what some agents see as a damaged reputation, and in that context the trade body has shared its vision for the near-term future.

Here it is:

  1. Valued membership service – We know that the needs of our members are constantly evolving. The property sector has positively embraced technology and new ways of working. Our expanding programme of webinars, blogs, factsheets and integrated regional networks provide a continuous source of information and guidance, but we must ensure our members are able to access these through the channels they use on a daily basis. We need to stay relevant to our members and genuinely listen to their needs. That is why we have created a cross disciplined Industry Steering Group to carry through a full review of our membership proposition and we are asking all members to contribute. We will value the contribution of all the professional disciplines within our membership no matter how big or small. Through this work we aim to understand and support our members’ needs by tailoring our services and products for both individual agents and the organisations they work for.
  2. Being the recognised industry voice – Being THE industry voice is built on a bedrock of membership engagement and feedback. By aggregating what we learn, we are able to provide a credible and influential voice to demonstrate how our members are impacted by the constantly changing legislative and political landscape. Gathering and sharing data, evidence and insight from within the industry and on the ground, has enabled us to persuade UK governments to make tangible changes that impact and benefit the sector and most importantly our members. For example, achieving business rate relief during the pandemic has equated to saving £210,000,000 for members across the country. This will remain an integral part of our work and we will look to work in partnership with others to further increase our reach and influence.


  1. Recognise industry standards – Our members tell us that they strive to reach the highest standards and want consumers to be able to differentiate between them and rogue agents. Industry standards are a clear competitive differentiator as well as a pathway for career progression and commitment to continued learning and development. By providing a strong and recognisable symbol of professionalism, underpinned by a robust Code of Practice and a modern qualification offer, Propertymark will continue to support members seeking to gain an accreditation and raise industry standards. We are also very clear in our intent for Propertymark to play a key role in the future regulatory structure, whenever that comes about.

     4. Future proofing Propertymark – Propertymark must be agile and adapt to the market in which we operate. That is why we are investing in enhancing our systems and digital technologies to ensure we have the right infrastructure in place to serve members going forward. It is also important we look after our people, particularly in these unprecedented times, and that we foster a culture of openness and transparency as we take the organisation forward.

Propertymark says that these “four pillars embody our current and future ambitions for members but there is more to come and plenty to be done. Together with our membership we will continue to grow our organisation into one that consumers recognise and our members are proud to be part of. There has never been a better time to be a member of Propertymark.

“We welcome input from all of our stakeholders. If anyone would like to discuss this further, they can contact us at”


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  1. Bert

    Are Propertymark really claiming that without them the government would not have implemented business rates relief during the pandemic? What nonsense.

  2. Estate Agent W1

    They have been around for decades, if there only memorable achievement is to help with estate agents rates relief it says it all!

  3. JamesH79

    Meet the new Propertymark same as the old Propertymark… 

    How is any of this different to what they’re already doing save for perhaps the “steering group” which I’m sure will have precisely zero influence on the preset direction of travel.  


    This reads like hastily pulled together guff by the same old committee with the same old vested interests at heart.



    Vision, what vision I ask other than the one the sensible Founders of the National Association of Estate Agents had in the early sixties, to be the mouth piece of all unqualified respectable Agents. This was during the time Estate Agents held vast sum of purchasers deposits but sadly a few were tempted ended up in prison. Thus there became pressure to regulate estate agents. The Law Society to over come this had printed contracts stating Solicitors should in future hold the purchasers deposits, as qualified men they could be trusted. Sadly we were to find that a few solicitors like the few estate agents were tempted and went to prison. When this occurred there was silence about regulating estate agents. Sadly we all learnt qualifications never made a man honest. A vision that over the years has been slowly ignore by those Empire Builders masquerading as unqualified Estate Agents intent on turning our Association into one highly profitable training organisation. In the past two decades not once have I heard our Association put forward a strong case to the Government against loading Agents with yet more red tape which is bound to follow regulation. They have failed its members appallingly, they should fall on their swords and let a new Board continue with the aims of our Founders. If any Agent reads this and disputes what I say, look back on just one decade and tell me if they are now overloaded or not with incontinent and incompetent regulation? Watch out when regulation arrives even the office cat will have to be signed up to training courses – at your cost. ! can recall the 1960’s days of regulation nil, stress nil and it was a joy running ones own business. My wish is for a political party to return to those happier days.      

    1. A W

      I have to disagree in part with this. The “golden days” of little to no regulation is the very reason we are overburdened with it nowadays. it is the very reason that estate & letting agents are seen as evil: because too many were cowboys only in it for a quick buck without though or care for their vendors/buyers/landlords/tenants.  
      Some regulation was required. However there is a bit too much too soon these days (22+ pieces of legislation in merely the last 6 years). Although I believe that the industry is over-regulated now, it does not detract from the fact that it needed some regulation.  
      I have to assume you are not looking forward to ROPA (Regulation of Property Agents)?

  5. NewsBoy

    Not a mention of agents networking and working together and no mention of being a MEMBER led organisation. Lets see what sort of member consultation there is but I’m not holding my breath


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