Picture of the Week: And look, it’s snowing in August

Picture of the Week – and it’s snow in August.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised.

The weather has been all over the place this month.

Gales, rain, flooding, thunder, sunshine, hail and lightning.

However, this was our first glimpse since last winter of the white stuff, picturesquely adorning a property added to Rightmove last Friday.

At this rate, it will be locusts next.


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  1. Trevor Gillham

    We had a vendor who took a photo in December with the snow and uploaded it, it was the same photo for 2 years. We think they were trying not to sell, probably had to share the sale money and didn’t want to move out.

  2. Ostrich17

    If you look at the agent’s website you will see that one of the services they offer is “Advert only” for £75.

    Looks like the landlord has uploaded some old photos or repeated the ones from 6 months ago.


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