Picture of the Week: And just look what Boris is doing for OnTheMarket

Picture of the Week: And it’s the unmistakable figure of our Foreign Secretary using a picture opportunity to advertise OnTheMarket.

Eat your hearts out, Rightmove and Zoopla!

In fact Boris Johnson just happened to be walking outside Beresfords in Hornchurch, Essex, when staff spotted him – and rushed out to have their pictures taken with him.

And here he is with Sheree Birch, property consultant, on the left, and administrator Jayne Clifton.

Boris was in the area with MP Julia Lopez to support local businesses.

Jayne said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw Boris outside the branch. We were all quite excited and made sure to pop out and introduce ourselves.

“It’s great to see Boris supporting the area and making an appearance. It was a real boost to the team and he was happy to have his photo taken with us.”

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  1. ArthurHouse02

    Unfortunately for OTM due to their lack of public awareness I am sure that most people will have no idea what the logos in the window refer to. Well done to Beresfords though for taking advantage of the opportunity, seize the day and all that.

    1. Hillofwad71

      Public must think  quite highly of Beresfords withe logos supporting RAF charities

      1. drakeco75

        I thought they were all the who or jam fans

  2. AgencyInsider

    I say, I say. What is the difference between Johnson and OTM?

    One is a useless sack of hot air that is a total embarrassment to everyone, completely ineffective, doomed to disappear without trace, and will not be remembered with fondness.

    You choose which one.


  3. Robert May

    On a serious note if a neg hauled up to work as  dishevelled and unkempt as that you’d be having a word; he looks like he slept in the car

  4. MrLister

    Thanks to OTM’s amazing brand awareness and marketing skills 99% of the population will have no idea what the logos are anyway.

  5. Rickman2154

    I am sorry to pour scorn on this article, but although getting Boris to have a picture taken is a coup, I fail to see the significance of the OTM logo as this was the ‘Butt’ of many a joke, as everyone mistook this to be a RAF logo? The marketing campaign in my mind was the main problem with its failed success! I have backed OTM with its IPO and sincerely hope  they have sacked their entire marketing department and installed some bright young genius’s??

  6. theartfullodger43

    Using Bozo to advertise anything is likely to turn more people off the product/brand. IMHO very stupid of Beresfords’ to have anything to do with him:  He’s a poisonous, dangerous, clown.

  7. AnotherPlanet365

    Forget OTM

    Forget Boris

    I echo ArthurHouse02’s first comment

    Well done Beresfords Staff for seizing a promotional opportunity for their company

  8. Peter

    “It was a real boost to the team and he was happy to have his photo taken with us.”

    So, this is what Boris looks like being happy.


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