Picture of the Week – and has this house been on a bender?

Picture of the Week – and our latest contender has an unusual slant to it.

This Exeter property being marketed by haart actually looks like a lean-to.

But maybe the photographer was just trying to find another angle.


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  1. Paulfromromsey87

    Why do vendors put up with this, and move the bin for crying out loud! Lazy and inept!

  2. Will2

    The boarded up front  door of the adjacent property hardly helps.

  3. Woodentop

    Is it a case of subsidence! Sloppy.

  4. smile please

    We have an agent near us and every picture they take (internal and external) is like this, we keep wondering if he has one leg shorter than the other.

  5. Mark Walker 2

    Is it a 60’s Batman villain’s lair?

  6. lettingsneg96

    That semi has a bit of a bend to it

    1. NotAGuru71

      When you know, you know!


  7. christinaestateagent68

    I love that Haart have just removed the picture, instead of addressing the issue and re-taking it…. great marketing and customer service guys! lol!


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