Photo of the week – It’s all a bit weird down Bristol way…

A lovely three bedroom property in Calves Gardens, Patchway, Bristol for sale at £310,000 through Purplebricks.

Photographed on a beautiful day under blue skies with fluffy white clouds, it looks positively bucolic.

But wait. What is this curious phenomenon taking place? Geometric blue skies?

A diligent search of the pages of the Cloud Appreciation Society yields no clues and we have not seen anything reported in the pages of the popular press.

Such a celestial anomaly would surely have been all over social media?

But it doesn’t stop there.

Bizarrely, in the photographs, this property has two, absolutely identical living rooms. See for yourself.

We must conclude that such weirdness is in fact, normal for Bristol.

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  1. bestandfinal51

    Why the continual need to throw an agent under the bus for the benefit of a ‘story’. Is it in order to create amusement for their peers?

    1. Happy Daze!

      I agree. So what?! The agent took a better photo from the back. We’ve all done it. Definitely not news!!

      1. bridget

        Its nothing to do with the back of the house! It’s the weird geometrical square square of blue sky on the front picture, hence all the talk about weather and sky in Bristol.  The point is if you are going to photoshop a photo, don’t do it sloppily. 

    2. MillicentBystander

      No agent involved, but the portal marketing facilitator should be embarrassed all the same.

    3. Hillofwad71

      Seemingly  they are oblivious of the daily  mockery ,spot the mistakes You would have though they would be embarrassed enough to introduce some sort of quality control before they put their listings up .Not in the slightest

      It’s all basic stuff but smacks of poor management


      The recycled properties listed as fresh on the market with an historic openday showing in the text


      1. PeeBee

        Worse still, Hillofwad71 – the “Just added” to Zoopla #RElisting from yesterday that states
        “Reduced for quick sale, motivated seller”…
        yet when you look at the Price History, it shows an INCREASE in price, of £20,000.
        bestandfinal51 – however we care to look, there is no amusement to be found here. Only shame.

    4. PeeBee

      “Why the continual need to throw an agent under the bus…”

      Maybe because under the bus is the best place for them?

      Just a reminder – as one seems necessary here.  Estate Agents have a duty of care to their individual clients, to make all best efforts to achieve the result they have been commissioned for.  Their clients should expect therefore a standard of service no better or worse than any other Agent.

      Where is the duty of care displayed here?  Where is any attention to detail evident?

      What can the vendor expect if the Agent can’t even post decent chuffing photos on their listing?

      The offending photos have now been removed.  And it is a safe bet to say that it was NOT because the Agent looked and cringed at their own poor work – but most likely it seems because the industry had to tell them about it!

      Surely if you are a passionate, dedicated-to-the-job Estate Agent you will cringe when you see such sloppiness?  Make mental notes as to how NOT to present your clients’ properties for sale?


      Or are you as keen to dumb down the work of an Agent as much as some would say the likes of these have proved possible for the last eight years?

      Should the latter be the case – I gather they are hiring in most areas…

    5. PeeBee

      “Is it in order to create amusement for their peers?”
      Think of it instead as a training module, ‘bestandfinal51’. 
      The best way to learn is ‘by example’ – and by seeing the worst examples and the negativity and potential ridicule they attract you should strive to always achieve better.
      If not – one day it could well be you that is the example.
      ‘People learn by mistakes – and those made by others are far less painful to learn from than those you make yourself’ (credit: PeeBee)
      Thereby endeth today’s lesson.

  2. MarkJ

    My new word of the day

    bucolic =  relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life. …….apparently.

    Must be a quiet day for news….


  3. Sloany

    I agree with the above comments, rather than making a story about it just give them a quick ring, let them know they’ve uploaded the wrong photo and you never know they might return the favour when you make a mistake, because it happens, no one is perfect.

    1. MillicentBystander

      Sloany – Either subtle irony or you’ve clearly never tried calling Purplebricks!

      1. Sloany

        Ha! To be fair I’ve only ever had to call their conveyancers to ask why they are 3 months behind the rest of the chain.

    2. PeeBee

      But they haven’t uploaded the ‘wrong picture’, Sloany. 
      They’ve chosen one out of the ones they took (assuming they took more than one, that is…), bu99ered about with it to turn a grey sky blue (because the last thing on their mind is to return on a sunny day to get that killer shot which will make a buyer want to view,,,) – and then slapped it onto the listing without checking it.
      ‘Job done – move on.  Next listing opportunity, please…’ 
      Is THAT “Estate Agency”?

      1. Sloany

        You know what in this case, I stand corrected. I was looking at it from a different point of view but anything can change. I see a lot of tweets, stories etc of young agents who are rushing and make mistakes and yes need to be pulled up on it by management but humiliated, publicly, not so much. However the level these particular agents advertise themselves to be at this kind of laziness should not go unnoticed.

  4. DASH94

    I thought there were rules about photoshopping images for the portals?   Were they just ‘guidelines’?

    1. PeeBee

      “I thought there were rules about photoshopping images for the portals?”
      You only have to look at what’s on there, DASH94, to realise that, as with all things portal-wise “the rules are there are no rules…”
      …certainly not ones that are ever adhered to – nor enforced.

      1. bestandfinal51


        You are rather aggressive in your tone – to say, and I quote, “Maybe because under the bus is the best place for them?” – is somewhat excessive? Perhaps you should use this line, if it is your usual rhetoric, on the next val’ you attend – it could be an instruction winner. Or in the very least a conversation maker?

        My point is simply to highlight that when I browse this or any property publication, I expect to read interesting property news, not a witch-hunt against the online agents at every turn, no matter how irrelevant and small an opportunity presents itself to do so.. We are all aware of the effect they (‘onliners’) have inflicted on the industry in the name of ‘disruptor’.

        You ask if I “cringe at such sloppiness”? No!. In fact I quietly glee at the fact that it is not me who has made an error of such baffoon proportions!! Lets give a little credit here. They were after all trying to make the property appear it was actually being listed in July, and not mid November – all be it very poorly executed.

        Whilst you are correct, that we should not dumb down our profession; and you are correct again that the rise of the ‘online listing platform(s)’ has/have helped considerably in doing so; ultimately we are all in the same profession. It is clear that at every opportunity this publication will use every opportunity to swipe at the likes of PB and other online outlets, in order to simply portray their resolute support for those of us on the HS – to the length when it almost becomes embarrassing.

        Have a wonderful day and weekend.

        1. PeeBee

          “You are rather aggressive in your tone – to say, and I quote, “Maybe because under the bus is the best place for them?” – is somewhat excessive?”
          It was more of a question than a statement, baf51 (the clue is the ‘?’)
          “…when I browse this or any property publication, I expect to read interesting property news…”
          And in the main you get exactly what you expect.  Just like yourself, we all dream of the day when all ‘news’ delivered to our screens by EYE et all is plain… simple… informative newsmatter with no distractions or clutter – but we will be an awful long time asleep before that happens.  Primarily because there isn’t enough ‘news’ to fill the page – and that at the end of the day it would be boring as chuff and no-one would tune in.
          You can’t beat a bit of banter – and there’s plenty out there doing their share (and not just the ‘online’ sector of our industry) to provide it by the skipload.
          “…this publication will use every opportunity to swipe at the likes of PB and other online outlets, in order to simply portray their resolute support for those of us on the HS – to the length when it almost becomes embarrassing.”
          Not even close to being correct.  I would estimate that for every single article it publishes, EYE could have published a hundred or more highlighting the various… and copious… miserable failings of particular ‘Agents’.  But I would (sort of)  agree with you on one point – what we read is highly embarrassing – but for our industry as a whole.
          Please remember this is primarily a ‘trade publication’.  The vast majority of those visiting are working in the property industry.  Many will be using it toward their CPD – and there’s some great learning to be had in these articles, as I pointed out above.
          Apologies if you feel this response to also be “aggressive” – I would suggest however that it is how you are reading it rather than the spirit and thought that it has been written.  There’s undoubtedly a really good way of wrapping it up in cotton wool to deliver it like it were a loving caress… but quite frankly I don’t give a fuppenny – it is what it is.
          But I’ll end with a thank you for your input, and wishing you a splendid rest of the day and weekend too!

          1. bestandfinal51

            I bet you and I would probably see eye to eye on so much!


            Have a good one PeeBee!

            1. PeeBee

              No doubt we do, bestandfinal51 – even if this may not be one of those matters where our views are totally aligned!

              I look forward to future discussion where we can put the theory to test.

              So don’t be a stranger round these parts – or a silent observer – your input is valuable.

              Regards, your colleague in industry



    Is solicitor baiting still OK though ?

  6. maaz23

    We are looking to have the robux here.


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