Pent-up demand for property in Scotland evident as restrictions relaxed

ESPC data from June 2020 indicates growing demand to buy and sell property in Scotland in the run up to restrictions being relaxed on the 29th of the month.

The highest number of property valuation requests ever in a month were recorded during June.

After a busy start to 2020 in terms of property market activity, lockdown measures resulted in significant declines in activity such as web traffic, viewing requests, Home Report downloads and schedule downloads.

However, while small increases in these had been evident since late April/early May, more notable increases became apparent towards the end of May and throughout June.

In June 2020, web traffic sessions on were up 10% year-on-year.

This was the first monthly year-on-year increase seen since February 2020.

In the final week of June, web sessions increased by 50% compared to the same week the previous year.

In the last week of June, viewing requests were up 200% year-on-year.

During this week, Home Report downloads were up 43% year-on-year.

On the 29th June, the day restrictions were relaxed, ESPC recorded the highest number of viewing requests, Home Report downloads and schedule downloads in day so far in 2020.

The 30thJune saw an even higher volume of Home Report downloads and viewing requests.

Paul Hilton, CEO of ESPC , said: “The strong web activity recorded by ESPC during June evidences the pent-up demand to buy and sell property in Scotland. When the 29thJune was announced as the date restrictions would be relaxed, we noted a spike in activity.

“This activity continued to increase throughout the last week of the month, with very high numbers of viewing requests, Home Report downloads and schedule downloads seen in the last couple of days of June.

“Our agents have reported that they have been exceptionally busy since Monday 29thJune. It appears that the normal busy period during spring has been delayed until the summer due to lockdown.

“In the coming months, we should also have a clearer picture on the medium-term outlook for the Scottish property market.”

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  1. JonnyBanana43

    Well done Nicola, keeping the property market closed for all these weeks has been really impressive. Great for the Scottish economy.
    Devolution at its finest.

    1. AgencyInsider

      At least she has been clear and decisive in dealing with lockdown in Scotland and the way back out of it. Unlike the useless bag of wind we have to put up with in England.

      1. JonnyBanana43

        I don’t agree I’m afraid – Boris and his team were decisive in opening the English property market up early – it has generated millions of pounds for the UK economy (Including Scotland)

        Nicola and the Twitter obsessed left have enjoyed mocking Boris. They lead us all to believe Jeremy Corbyn would win the last election…


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