OnTheMarket announces new radio advertising campaign during Premier League coverage

OnTheMarket has launched a new radio campaign on talkSPORT, and will be the exclusive airtime partner of the Premier League football matches on the station  from now until the end of May.
Its 30-second radio advert will play around every Premier League match on talkSPORT.
The radio advert has been adapted from the television commercial which keeps OTM’s ‘new and exclusive’ properties at the heart of the campaign.
John Milsom, brand director of OTM, said: “This latest campaign adds another layer to our multi-channel advertising mix as we increase our marketing investment.
“The commercial leverages the memorable music and conveys the same core message as the TV campaign we launched in September, namely that OnTheMarket gets thousands of new properties every month 24 hours or more before they are on Rightmove or Zoopla.
“The radio campaign will reach 4m listeners across the season.”

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  1. GPL

    …..at first I thought “Well done OTM, there is a pulse after all!”

    ……and then I read “the commercial leverages the memorable?!!! music……”

    I can’t wait….. “Triumph or Ridicule?”

    Surely OTM can get a grip of their marketing at some point?



    1. Bless You

      Completely agree.

      Best award for tricking agents into thinking it will kill rightmove goes to….otm .

      Award for creating a public company , making millions and not having any marketing plan to win over the public…. u guessed it…

      On the market woo hoo

      1. Bless You

        New and exclusive?? Not true. What a **** and false usp

    2. GPL

      Don’t misunderstand that I think OTM are genuinely making headway however …..the “Chas n’ Dave” Promo is p*ss poor marketing IMHO.
      I’m sorry to say…. if we look at a “Rightmove Ad” it is on a different level. It seems we have “decision makers” signing off on OTM marketing when they should simply be left to decide whether they want red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce at all on their roll & sausage.
      Why can’t the dinosaurs open the windows, switch on the lights and action something better than “Chas n’ Dave”.
      To be fair, it might be a fantastic Radio Ad ……so I’ll reserve the remaining 1% of my “it’ll be sh*te” judgement until I hear it! Owaaaaaaan theeeeeee Maaaaaaaaarket?
      i only Hum it in my head to remind me how cr*p it is.
      Let’s hear the Radio Ad then……  

  2. Chatty Cathy

    What a joke and waste of agents money, I’ll wait for the ‘Wow, this is a game changer’ comments……yawn

  3. Harree Is Back

    I well remember in the run up to the initial OTM launch that RealAgent posted he had been out for dinner with friends and they had already heard of OTM.

    Better bring back whoever was in charge of marketing then me thinks.

  4. ArthurHouse02

    A 30 second advert is way too long for the radio. Bearing in mind how awful (yes memorable) the TV advert was, i am amazed TalkSport have partnered up. I can imagine this ad forcing some people to switch off.

    1. NotAdoctor32

      TalkSport will do anything if the money is right.

  5. AgencyInsider

    It needs to be something very short and punchy repeated multiple times. Not War and Peace.

    30 seconds is far too long for the attention span of the average footballist. (That’s a weak joke by the way).


    1. Bless You

      I just  hope they took my advice and went to the soulless marketing men who produce purplebricks adverts. No brainer

  6. smile please

    Own Goal?


  7. dannymagix79

    I am in a minority of 1.  I think being on the radio is a great idea – it is far cheaper than their forgettable TV adverts, and may actually get some traction.

    We all complain about cost v lead on rightmove, so happy to have an alternate portal that is at least trying to break the duopoly.

    1. MF

      Make that a minority of 2

  8. Trevor Gillham

    Keep the money in the pot, adverts = membership price increase.

  9. J1

    On the what?
    Who is this revolutionary new player whose share price has tumbled?  When they hit 70p it might be worth a punt maybe. 
    Will keep my eye on it.
    Recent trades are looking a bit gloomy

    16:10 – 08/11

    08:04 – 08/11

    14:04 – 07/11

    09:49 – 06/11

    09:48 – 06/11

    source: https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/o/onthemarket-plc-ord-gbp0.002

  10. AgentV

    What about;

    ‘All the football action might be on the pitch, but all the property action is on the market’

    Singing voices; ‘on the market dot com’

    1. AgentV

      If anyone wants some tips on a great introduction and music take a look at this;
      I know it was starting titles for a TV show but nearly fifty years later it still creates good emotional feelings inside me. How about a TV advert backed with a great theme music, thats like an introduction to a program about selling houses.


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