Online agent claims to have raised over £700,000 before fundraising campaign goes live

Online agent nu:move says it has raised over £700,000 from the “pre-registration” phase within just ten days.

It is due to launch its fundraising round on Seedrs officially next week.

The agency says it operates nationwide, and offers fair, transparent packages with no compromise on service.

It claims to have marketed over 10,000 properties globally worth over £38bn. Yesterday, it had 61 available sales properties listed on Rightmove.

It is offering its investors no selling or lettings fees, which they can pass on to family or friends.

On platforms such as Seedrs, it is possible to pre-register before a crowdfunding campaign goes live, and to indicate a sum of money that you might invest.


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  1. Elizabeth Davenport

    Anybody want to pour their money down the (yet another) drain?

    It’s laughable these online agents are still springing up, independent high street agency is the future!

    1. Bless You

      700k is about 1 month worth of AdWords if they want to go national.

      As there is no protection from trading standards, I hope they don’t start in a few towns first and destroy more jobs , for no profit.

  2. surrey1

    Oh gawd. Make it stop, please.

  3. J1

    Guys this is the future.


    1. Elizabeth Davenport

      I agree J1. Online Agents will retain around 10% market share.


      However, there’l’ be new entrants all the time and they’ll be cutting one another’s throats on fees (and service levels). Good luck to them, I feel sorry for the employees who have to mop up a very poor business model that hasn’t proved it can be profitable.

  4. RichardHill61

    £700k from Daddy or the trust fund!

  5. fluter

    Any advice if this is a disruptor or game-changer as this makes a big difference as to whether I invest or not

  6. PeeBee

    “Yesterday, it had 61 available sales properties listed on Rightmove.”

    Today it has 64 – yet only one property was added.yesterday.

    Of the “listings” in February – 33 showing – only two appear to be for actual properties; the rest are generic ads for ‘off-market’ developments.

    I’ll leave that parked here…

    1. jeremy1960


      it makes one wonder what sort of vendor with a property worth £6 million chooses a budget online agent. If I had the time of inclination I might question whether this agent actually sold any of the property listed as SSTC with multi £million price tags!

      1. PeeBee

        You are, I take it, referring to the ‘impressive’ wadge of listings on their own website – some 52 pages with over 500 properties displayed – the vast majority seemingly “Sold”.

        The higher value ones don’t appear to have been registered at HMLR yet, as nothing near the shown prices are listed on the RM ‘Sold Prices’ page.

        Like THIS ONE for instance –

        Which apparently sold… in JULY 2015, for a figure £50000 lower than the stated Asking Price – which was apparently already ‘reduced’.

        Unfortunately the original listing has been removed so without access to RM+ the selling Agent remains a mystery to me.

        Maybe someone would like to have a look-see and put us out of our misery on that…

        1. PeeBee

          Just found the listing on Zoopla – and it does actually appear that Nu:move were marketing it, from October 2014.

          I would however suggest it is quite evident that two separate lots of photography are being used in their listing – and I have a feeling I know whose were the cr@ppy ones with date stamp on them!


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