Online agency pioneer slams today’s models as ‘private sales platforms’ and calls for wealth warnings for vendors

The founder of Hatched, Adam Day, has called for online agents to have to show ‘wealth’ warnings that vendors might get less by selling through them.

The disenchanted Day is accusing many online firms of being really just private sales sites, and not estate agents at all.

Day, one of the earliest online agents and who also went on to work for easyProperty and eMoov, said on LinkedIn yesterday that agents that allow sellers and buyers to negotiate directly should display the warning.

He said that vendors should be told that allowing direct negotiation “is no more than private house sales (and can seriously affect your sale price)”.

Day said that sites such as We BuyAnyCar have to state warnings that, for example, sellers might get less for their cars by selling through them.

Day said: “I’m calling for a similar warning about agents who allow the seller and buyer to negotiate directly through a platform – in other words, online estate agents.

“Because online estate agents now are nothing more than private house sale sites (which is fine – the consumer should have a choice, but there should be a warning).”

His post is at the link below, where there is also a video, well worth watching whatever your point of view.

In the video he argues that the public are being misled by today’s “self-service” online agents.

Self-service was not, he says, the model that was first proposed.

He says that typically, feedback is now handled by a dashboard platform, whereas in the early days, online agents chased up and progressed, and did not allow sellers and buyers to negotiate.

He says online agents have now “gone too far” and are now offering self-service models.

Day insists that as such they are private sales sites and not estate agents at all.

Day’s post is delivered under the headline: “I’m calling for a financial warning when using an online agent.”

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  1. ValueCounts31

    Couldn’t agree more. ‘Capital at Risk’ warnings are common place in other industries where… surprise surprise…. capital is at risk.

  2. J1

    What a hypocrite.

    Its time this chap skipped off into the sunset with that other noise maker Quirk.

    Both are self publicists in my opinion.

    Nothing more.

    1. AgencyInsider

      By that comment I suspect you have never met or spoken with Adam Day.

    2. ARC

      It’s worth pointing out that the accusation is aimed at ‘agents’ where vendor and purchaser are dealing directly with each other over offers. That was not the case for Hatched where offers were negotiated by the agent not vendor to purchaser. So not hypocritical but calling out the cowboys.

      1. ArthurHouse02

        Even if that is truly the case with Hatched. PB etc would also tell you that they are there to help with negotiation. Obviously i doubt they help much at all, but as stated above very rich of Adam to be calling out a sector where he made his fortune flogging a dead horse to Connells.

        Adam is in involved in another EA offering and i imagine this is a pre-cursor to that.

        1. ARC

          I can’t comment on PB as i have no knowledge of what goes behind the scenes however i do know a bit about Hatched and it was only a dead horse when Connells got hold of it and changed a lot of the processes Adam had in place and put someone in charge who didn’t really know what they were doing unlike Adam.

    3. propertyguru11

      Could not have agreed more.


      Both Quirkster and him have fooled some investors, and now try to recover their image when they try to work with the large agencies.


      Didn’t this guy admit that Quirk fooled him to join a bankrupt agency just days before they went down?

  3. AgencyInsider

    If Day is correct and these online entities are really just channels for FSBO then surely the likes of Rightmove should not be allowing their ads to appear. Care to comment RM?

    1. Ostrich17

      Check out the details of imovehome previously mentioned on PIE:
      They are 100% FSBO. RM don’t care who advertises with them.

      1. propertyguru11

        As long as they pay the Rightmove branch fees..


        Just think of Open Rent – they don’t do viewings, and don’t check the information provided by landlords.

        How on god’s ^&&% they’re allowed on Rightmove and Zoopla?

  4. Sdaltaf101

    Oh dear….Its like comparing Apples with Pears or Day with Night.
    Webuyanycar purchase the asset below market value which is offset against their hassle free service whilst Estate Agents regardless if they are high street or hybrid merely advertise and pass on messages, they don’t purchase the asset.
    To presume an agent has any influence over the selling price of a property is obtuse and is disingenuous towards the homeowner, if they did then it would be fraud. The open market dictates the price and not the Estate Agent which is why they are unqualified and unnecessary.
    I agree there should be a Wealth Warning applied to the high street who demand a percentage of the homeowners asset whilst  charging 3-6 times more than Purple Bricks and 5 times more than the conveyancing solicitors who are qualified.
     The future is bright, the future is Purple.
     Buy Buy Buy….
    Bye Bye
    P.S. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, Do I offer value for money for my percentage on asset?
    Answer: Nope, but I have no qualifications and I own a Rolex and lease a BMW

    1. ARC

      You’ve made yourself look very silly there.

      1. Property Pundit

        They do it every time they post.

    2. AgencyInsider

      Oh dear. You have stopped taking your pills, haven’t you. Time for the nice men in white coats to take you back to the Home now…

    3. ArthurHouse02

      Its good to see you have no idea on how estate agency works, but let me show you

      House goes on the market for £200,000. Person offers £190,000, vendors turns this down, offer is increased to £195,000. Vendor accepts this. A good estate agent who has a handle on the negotiation tells the buyer to split the difference again and it is their. Buyer increases to £197,500. Buyer is happy to secure the house, vendor is chuffed to bits, agents has earned their fee and some.

      Happens all the time and why people should use a proper estate agent as we do have an impact on the selling price.

      1. Tealeaf

        What a woolly lol – this is fun that you think this is what makes a good estate agent.


      2. Sdaltaf101

        Hello ArthurHouse02,

        An offer is made and its the vendor who either accepts or decline the offer and not the estate agent, you pass on the messages. Your motivation is greed with your percentage on asset model when in most cases the highest offer may not be the best offer on the table which is why the vendors without exception makes the final decisions and you have no influence.

        But a nice story anyway.


        Keep up the good work and did you look in the mirror?

        1. KByfield04

          You don’t understand the % model do you? Regardless of whether an agent drives up the price of a sale for their clients’ benefit or the agents own- the owner still benefits from a higher price. What is an agent’s job? Pretty sure it to achieve a sale that completes at the highest price possible. Yet again, you are continuing to highlight the fact you should never, ever be allowed near a sales role. Being a great agent is not convincing your client to take a lower offer because it’s an easier sale to complete- it’s pushing through the highest possible price whilst working your **** off to keep it all together through the conveyancing process. If you’re not sure what I mean by ‘the conveyancing process’ you may want to google it and educate yourself.

    4. KByfield04

      So a few thoughts here….

      I hope you don’t negotiate on behalf of any clients- if you genuinely don’t think a quality negotiator/salesperson (regardless of the field they operate in) can impact the achieved price then you are not, nor ever have been, a competent salesperson and you need to change career urgently- for the sake of your clients if nothing else.

      You cant apply a warning to a cost that is only applicable on the delivery of the desired result. That’s the key point here. As we saw with the demise of emoov many clients who had paid for a service, lost that money and didn’t sell their property- lots of other clients have used OEAs still in operation and have suffered the same fate. No vendor has ever suffered this fate at the hands of a traditional ‘no sale, no fee’ agency.

      You clearly dislike and have no respect for agents- so why are you one? I’d argue it’s you that has the biggest problem when looking in the mirror.

      If this is meant as a defense of online-only Vs full-service then this is another glimpse into your epic sales skills.

    5. Woodentop

      All your previous prophecies have been proven wrong and so is this one.  
      Biased to the extreme of nonsense. No need for a high street wealth warning, the vendor is aware of what they are paying if the agent is successful and pays nothing if they don’t sell. That is why they instruct the high street and all the service that on-line doesn’t and can’t provide.  
      Tremendous risk for vendors who use Online only models don’t need to provide a service on an upfront fee if they don’t have to refund the consumer and have no incentive to list at the correct price and to achieve the best possible price as required by legislation.  
      Many are offering a FSBO under the guise of being the same as high street agents. This is confirmed by the many, many poor reviews they get from their customers and the fact that Government previously looked at banning up front fee’s and tied-in contracts as a conflict of their responsibility to customers. It didn’t go anywhere then because up front fees were extremely rare. It is likely to come back now the industry finds itself plagued by the practice with on-liners models.  
      I look in the mirror every morning, offer extremely good value for money that no on-line agent competes with, my staff and I often provide a service beyond the call of duty, as do many agents. Importantly my customers are very happy and I always go to bed at night knowing I can sleep. My higher fee (1%) mainly goes to cover the overheads of running a High Street office that the consumer wants and compared to PB for example in real terms, they are charging 50% more for considerably less service. Our staff have qualifications, I don’t have a Rolex or a BMW.  
      The colour purple is a floundering dodo and still remains rated for 2019 by investment banks as overweight and sell, sell, sell to investors. Not one recommends buy, buy, buy. So much for their shares rocketing north on 3rd July as you shoved down everyone’s throat.
      P.S. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I know what I am talking about”?
       Answer: Nope, I have no qualifications or experience in estate agency and I own and want the sole rights to my Rolex and lease a BMW.

    6. PeeBee

      Ah… if it isn’t dear old Prophet’n’Loss returning to throw a spotlight on abject ignorance.
      The above monicker has never been more apt – you’ve lost it, sunshine.
      The full kit and caboodle – gone forever.
      Your village is now free to reclaim its’ idiot – unfortunately for you, slightly too late to retain a single shred of credibility that you may ever have managed to blag from your hateful rantings.
      I suggest it’s more a case of buy, bye, bye.  YOUR future here on EYE is babycack beige.

  5. Tealeaf

    Good Morning All This is just as bad Russell Quirk and Emoov – Adam will say anything and do anything to get his name out there and his new brand. Adam has failed at everything he has done and was lucky enough to convince a PLC to purchase a business that sold less than 100 homes a month. I find this absolutely embarrassing. Adam please tell us how many houses your new venture have brought to the market or supported Adam Please tell us how many have sold Adam please tell us why you can’t recruit nobody hence you are on linked in every day selling something no one wants Adam please tell us what Tech you have that will compete against your competition Adam please tell us the USPs of this business other than self employed I am gobsmacked that this Guy who has failed at everything he touches gets any exposure whatsoever.  

  6. HIT MAN

    RIGHTMOVE are becoming the Propertytrader just like the Autotrader, online agents and private sellers cutting out the High Street Estate Agent! the sooner all agents understand that they don’t need RM and stop paying them to destroy their business the better, RMEXIT 31st October, I’m out are you?



    1. propertyguru11

      We’re genuinley considering it

  7. Dawn Wallbanks

    Adam Day is so out of touch. Maybe he needs to ask the question why vendors turn to online agents!

    After bring in the field for many years vendors are sick of  hiked up estate agents fees. Which is typically aimed at the high street agent.

    So if we are to say an online agent achieves less value than a high street agent, ( which I do  disagree with ), is the vendor better of with an high street agent. ( NO ) because the vendor will be paying far more fees to sell there property. Therefore  Financially vendor is better off selling through an online agent..

    Maybe if Adam is ever out of work maybe an online agent will employ him and re- educate  him !!

    1. Property Pundit

      The fact that 96% of vendors still choose a High Street agent suggests it is YOU who is out of touch. And clueless.

  8. The Future Is Tech

    I lost interest after reading “Industry Pioneer Adam Day”

    How this person gets any airtime for his background of failure businesses is unbelievable.


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