Old Emoov business fined by HMRC for anti-money laundering breaches

Emoov was fined £3,721 for anti-money laundering breaches, HMRC has revealed.

The fine applied to Emoov in its  old ownership and HMRC says that the company which now owns Emoov was not involved in the breaches.

Emoov, then run by founder Russell Quirk, went into administration last December. The penalty notice was issued by HMRC between April and the end of July this year, by which time Emoov had been acquired out of administration.

HMRC said that the fine was in respect of not having the correct policies, controls and procedures in place, and failures in conducting due diligence.

Emoov was one of four firms listed by HMRC to have received an AML penalty between April and May.


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  1. NewsBoy

    What a huge surprise!

    1. MillicentBystander

      Bigger surprise how Keller Williams let the ****** invest in their UK business. How he passed the fit and proper person scrutiny would be interesting to learn.


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