Number of new homes registrations rises to highest for 12 years

The number of new homes registered by developers is at the highest for 12 years, with the growth being driven by the private rental market.

The NHBC said that in the second quarter of this year, 43,438 new homes were registered, up 12% on the same three months last year, and the highest number since the last quarter of 2007 when 43,525 new homes were registered.

Of the total for the quarter, 29,993 registrations were for private sector homes, up 14% on the second quarter of last year. Affordable and rental sector registrations rose 7% to 13,445.

There was growth in eight out of ten UK regions, notably in London and the north-west, but with a 34% fall in Yorkshire & Humberside.

NHBC boss Steve Wood said: “It is great to see this sign of confidence in new-build housing and that the positive start to the year has continued into the summer.

“The combination of the growing private rental sector and ongoing investment into the UK market is helping to boost new home registrations.”


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  1. Property Poke In The Eye

    The market seems to be flooded with new homes which builders are struggling to sell.  This generally happens before a downturn.  Even the help to sell scheme doesn’t seem to working for the builders at the moment.


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