NEWSFLASH: Well-known industry figure leaves company after more than 30 years

Simon Bradbury

High-profile estate agent, Simon Bradbury, has left the firm of  Thomas Morris today [Jan 1st] by “mutual agreement”.

Bradbury, a very familiar figure at industry events, joined the firm as a partner in 1992 and after the sale of the company to LSL in 2015 he became its Managing Director.

In recent months LSL franchised the brand to the AIG group led by Greg Young who said:

“I would like to thank Simon for his considerable efforts in developing the business since 1992 and in recent months where he, together with the rest of the senior management team, has worked hard to facilitate our move to the current franchise model.”

The six branch company, together with the Fine & Country brand which it operates under licence, covers key market towns in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and has won multiple awards over the years.

Bradbury said:

”I can honestly say that I have had an incredible 40 years in an industry that I absolutely love.

“For most of that time I have been privileged to work at Thomas Morris and alongside an immensely talented team who have not only been highly successful in business terms but have done so much for their communities and countless charities. I have nothing but good things to say about Thomas Morris and the senior management team who I am sure will continue to move the business forward.”

Apparently Bradbury has no detailed plans for the future though he has confirmed that he intends to stay within the estate agency sector in some capacity.


LSL acquisitions arm snaps up major stake in Thomas Morris agency


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  1. Whaley

    Hat’s off to a genuine legend within the industry. Gives so much of his time to others, without a thought of whether its going to benefit him.

    Treats everyone with good humour, even us lowly proptech bums. Can’t wait to see what he’s got planned next

    I mean yes he voted for Brexit but other than that he’s nigh on perfect!

  2. Mark Manning

    One of the most passionate and knowledgeable property people I have ever met and I’m sure wherever he goes next he will have as big an impact as he has at TM for so many years.
    Good luck Simon!

    1. GrahamWilson

      A new year and a new chapter? I can’t imagine you not being in the industry. Good luck with the next adventure.

    2. Emilie Despois

      Working with Simon has been an incredible experience. Always challenging ideas in a constructive way, extremely supportive and always happy to help. I can’t wait to see where the new year takes you Simon. Good luck!

  3. aruntim

    What a fabulous and well respected professional who is always available for a chat or sage advice.

    The very best of luck in whatever the next chapter delivers Simon.

  4. StephenH

    It was always a pleasure to meet, talk with and try and win over one of the nicest people in the business. Simon was one of those who was prepared to give his time and honest opinion on matters; always with a smile.

    I am sure he will not remember but he certainly helped me in working through an algorithm which helped me build an important measure within the business. I simply knew at the time that he would be the person to help.

    I am glad that he is staying within the business, and wherever he lands you can be sure that he will have an impact – and I wish him well.

    HNY Simon.

  5. Peter Knight

    Simon, thank you for all you do for this industry of ours.
    You are always the first to champion new ideas and innovation.
    You support people’s efforts, in particular when they’re being criticised by ignorant trolls.
    You are a credit to us all, and I’m sure will continue to lead by excellent example.
    Thank you.

    1. Richard M Tucker

      Simon Bradbury: professional, generous, indefatigable, passionate, caring, enthusiastic – I could fill a book with how much he has brought to further our industry and helped me personally. During my time with RAN and Cartus; Simon’s wise counsel, dedication and unwavering support made a significant contribution to our success. We’ve celebrated together the many TM awards and shared so many laughs at Conferences here and in the US – he is an absolute legend there too – we’ll always have the Blues Brothers Simon! Thank you for being you Simon and for your constant friendship throughout the years. I look forward to seeing what you do next and wish you all the very best. Cheers, Richard

  6. Edcasson

    Good luck with whatever it is next you do Simon. Thanks for your guidance when I joined F&C during the pandemic, you didn’t have to give up your time or take my calls, but you did; and it meant a lot. Best wishes and hope to catch up soon.

  7. Fawkes

    A legend of the industry, who helped develop one of the most recognised (multi award winning) brands.

  8. Mal

    Legend. Always looking for ways to push the industry forwards. Excited to see what Simon does next!

  9. Rajeev Nayyar

    A genuine and genuinely lovely person who has done so much good for the industry! Wishing you all the best for whatever comes next Simon

  10. HFoster

    Simon, your support over the years has been nothing short of exceptional. Thank you for being a true driving force in the industry. Your passion and dedication to the industry as a whole has shone through and wherever you end up next they will be lucky to have you. Will miss seeing you at the AC meetings but I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long before we see you back doing what you do best ❤️

  11. Mikepoole

    Wow Didn’t expect that. Simon has done so much for our industry -I’m sure the next chapter will be even stronger.

  12. KByfield04

    The first big surprise of 2024 and I’ve barely opened my eyes yet! Blimey!
    Simon’s passion for our industry and charity has been inspirational. His generous suppport to many and his ‘joie de Viber’ are a hallmark of any industry event. A huge loss for TM but excited to see what challenges he takes on next!

  13. LordLawrence

    Simon is an exceptional individual whose guidance was instrumental during the early stages of launching my own company 15 years ago. His invaluable insights, especially during my time spent with him in the office, significantly contributed to our success. I am confident that he will excel in his future endeavors and have no doubt he will achieve great success in his next chapter.

  14. Suzanna Mavity

    My favourite customer! Who can possibly replace such a legend?!

  15. HProp

    A true legend in the industry. Simon’s knowledge , enthusiasm and dedication knows no bounds. Simon you have been amazing to watch over the years, never afraid to push the boundaries and and inspiration to many. Will be watching with interest to see where you pop up. With everything you did to support TM and networks like RAN over the years wherever it is they will have struck gold. Wishing you all the very best

  16. Robert_May

    Take a day off and come home to start preparing for tomorrow, and this is waiting for you? What a shock! Totally unexpected and so few details.

    It’s only right to reinforce the respect and admiration for Mr. Bradbury. For as many years as I can remember, Simon has had his finger on the pulse of the industry several hours before most people are squeezing in another 90 minutes of sleep.

    With everything – every committee, every charity, every award, or networking event – Simon was there, making things better for both the host, guests, and hangers-on.

    My respect for Simon is epitomized by him giving up his Saturday to drive two of his staff from the Fens to Enfield for Agents Giving dance rehearsals; he was supporting both the charity and his staff. Such selflessness is rare in life but particularly so in this industry.

    This isn’t an obituary but a character reference. If anyone is after the No.1 benchmark influencer and connector in the business, get to him before anyone else and offer more money and a better package than anyone else. Simon Bradbury will do more for any organization that has him on the team than most people will believe possible. He won’t save organizations from themselves or be the veneer disguising a bad firm or form, but thinking about it, as this story has forced me to do, it is time Simon took his talents beyond the day-to-day of the agency.

    Good prospects, Simon! Your phone won’t stop ringing. Choose wisely!

  17. 40yearvetran08

    LSLi right royally messed up a number of good estate agencies, they then did a franchise deal that split up the network of brands into 2 businesses. I thought the concept of being a franchise is that you have good people running their own show. Why did LSLi not offer the franchises of the brands they had to the people running the businesses? Simon would have been the perfect person to run Thomas Morris, instead they gave the franchise to Greg Young to run along with 2 other brands. Feels a bit like a deal done by LSL to their mates rather than what is best for the businesses and the loyal staff.


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